How I Manage Increased Food Anxiety While Travelling

While I am travelling, I use lots of different mantras to keep my mind and body balanced. When I travel, I often find that my anxiety around food and my body can increase.

When I am in Sydney (my home), I feel little to no anxiety around food these days. But when I travel for long periods and am out of my comfort zone, old thoughts and anxieties pop up again. The guilt around food has come up a bit, which is interesting.

So it’s been a good challenge for me, because I have had to find ways to calm that inner anxiety down and pull myself out of this negativity. Some things I’ve been doing: waking up and placing my hands on my stomach and imagining lots of love and kindness going into my body.

I then proceed to think of the parts of my body that I do like, and say thank you for them. It sounds corny, and believe me, I am not one of these health bloggers who preaches the airy fairy stuff- but this works.

Yoga also keeps me connected and kind to my body – so I ensure I practice yoga at least 2x/week while I am away

I also replace the negative thought with a positive one. If I hear myself saying “Jess, you ate too much” or “Jess, you should eat more perfectly”, I accept that thought and then I say, “I trust my body can handle different foods in a different environment. I trust my body weight and health will maintain itself during travel.”

The heaviness of our thoughts can actually make us look and feel heavy – light mind, light body.





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  • It’s refreshing to hear that even someone like yourself still has guilty thoughts and anxieties and I love that you share that with us because it’s a reminder that even if you are super healthy, you still have to stay mindful and in tune with your thoughts and feelings. Thanks Jess X

  • this is great. thanks for the tips and advice. very excited for your travel ebook to come out! I am traveling for a whole YEAR in a few months time and I am gonna need all the advice and help I can get 🙂 healthy mind healthy body!!



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