How I Reset My Body in Thailand

Imagine waking up to…

A turquoise blue ocean with desolate islands in the far distance – with your own private pool overlooking this stunning view.


And then?

A choice of a morning walk on a white sandy beach – or yoga on the deck with fresh coconuts.

Relaxing and reading a book by the pool.

Another coconut with a wholesome lunch – fish straight out of the water, steamed with chill, lime, lemongrass and some stir fried greens – they call it morning glory!

An afternoon of Thai massage on the beach. You’ll wonder if you’re in Thailand, or in paradise.

I thoroughly rested my body at the stunning Conrad Koh Samui Resort. Put this one on your bucket list – it’s truly picture perfect.

unnamed-8At the end of the year we are all, quite frankly, exhausted. I was mentally drained. When I choose my travel destinations, I choose wisely. My intention for my holidays is not fun/party/drinking/socializing (though it used to be!) My intention is to REST.

I believe a rested body is a healthy body. And I also know that if I don’t prioritize this kind of holiday rest, my mind and body are not refreshed for a healthy, energized new year. So many of us make the mistake running around to see different people and places when we go on holiday, exhausting ourselves even more. We come home tired and irritable, saying “I need a another holiday!”

I learned from this the hard way a few years ago, and now? Honestly, I would rather just stay at home than go on a busy bee kind of holiday.

This is how I reset my body at The Conrad – and how you achieve this on your holiday too.

I slept for 8 hours each night and woke up so refreshed.

I exercised each morning. Nothing over the top, just kept my body moving for 30 minutes a day. This often meant yoga, walking, and jogging. To sweat out the old year’s junk, of course!


I read 3 delicious books. Reading takes me out of my own busy mind and calms me – it’s so therapeutic to slip into another world for a while.

I never stopped counting my blessing and felt incredible gratitude for each moment: for each sunset with my fiance, for every fresh, cool coconut, and for every time I could wake up and feel so well. Because I know for sure that gratitude attracts more and more good into my life – when I take things for granted, the good decreases.


I swam in the ocean daily – it’s a true mind cleanser.

I drank a green juice daily – obviously!

I enjoyed greens at every meal – even breakfast. The Conrad made me incredible poached eggs with sautéed veggies and avocado. And the fresh fruit platters? Just divine.

I was careful about alcohol because I love my liver. I enjoyed one glass of red wine at night, but it was very much in moderation.

I made wise food choices: opting for brown rice over white rice and lemon water over soft drinks. Those healthy swaps make such a difference!

I kept myself hydrated at all times, carrying a water bottle with me everywhere to ensure I got my 2 liters a day.

I manifested like crazy. Yep! I literally did a song and dance every morning in the pool, basking in the gorgeous view, while stating affirmations like:

“I am going to have a hugely successful year.”

“I am healthy.“

“I attract travel.”

“I am open to all the good and success the universe has in store for me.”

“I am love and attract love.”

“I am well. All is well.”

I did this daily, and make it a priority back home, too. We can all use a little more positivity in our lives.

Inspired to have a restful holiday? Go enjoy – you deserve it!


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  • Oh I love this! Definitely agree with the resting sort of holiday mantra xx

  • Love this Jess, I am heading to Thailand next year for some more yoga teacher training and am going to journal these as great ways to keep healthy….thanks mid x


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