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How I Use A Vision Board to Turn Dream to Reality

15 February 2022
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A vision board is a really powerful tool in creating the life you desire for yourself. Personally, I have been doing vision boards for the last 10 years! I will never forget watching an Oprah episode when I was a teenager that delved into vision boards and the incredible capacity they have to manifest, which really inspired me. Oprah herself described how much she loved creating them – and how they played a key role in helping her attract her dreams and goals!


What is it exactly? 

A vision board is a simple yet powerful visualisation tool that manifests your dreams into reality by activating the ‘Law of Attraction’… and it really works from my experience. So what does a vision board look like? It consists of a poster or foam board that you cover with cut-out pictures, drawings and phrases of the things that you want in your life or the things that you want to become. Some examples include: pictures of places you would like to travel, qualities you want in your partner, dream home, your business goals, inspirational quotes, pictures of friends and family… really anything that you love and you are grateful for/want to attract more of into your daily and future life.

How does it work?

The idea behind this is that when you surround yourself with positive images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live and the things you are grateful for, your life changes to match those images and those desires. This is the “Law of Attraction” in essence, which states that what we put out to the universe will be magnetised back to us in kind.

How to make one:

It truly is so easy and fun to make your own vision board! Once you do it, you’ll look forward to it each year.

Supplies needed:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Assortment of magazines/website printouts – to gather images and words
  • A piece of cardboard or other board to use as the base (as big as you like)
  • Pencils, textas or crayons – to decorate or write key words, symbols or drawings with

What do do:

Start cutting out images and phrases of the things you love and want to see in your future onto the cardboard in any way, shape or form. You can be as creative as you desire. This is your personal masterpiece! 

Once you have created a board that reflects your goals and dreams visually, place it in a position where you will be able to view it regularly. I personally have mine hanging in my kitchen at the moment. Make sure you look at it and feel what it is like to have all of those things manifest into your life! Feel the joy and gratitude that comes with this.

Enjoy and watch your dreams come closer to reality 🙂

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