How One Woman Eliminated Stress & Found Joy With The JSHealth Program


There’s nothing I love more than hearing how people are replacing stress and anxiety with joy and freedom – all by following the 8-week Program. This week’s testimonial comes all the way from Cape Town, where Melissa, 30, following the pillars of the program and changed her life. I hope her story will resonate with some of you. If you’re going through the same issues, know that you’re not alone. I’m here supporting you along the way.


Melissa’s story 

I was inspired to try the program because I was searching for the practical stepping stones to achieve balance. The program has allowed me to achieve a balanced way of living that has freedom and joy. I feel connected to my body more than I ever have before!

Now, I try to take three big breaths before I eat and I manage my stress and anxiety much better. I tell myself that my body can handle imperfection and that it is all going to be okay. I no longer feel like I have failed if I eat badly and I speak to myself in a much nicer way – no more harsh words and negative body shaming. I’m much more in tune with my body, my cravings, my eating and my life – and I’ve lost 14 kilograms. I’ve never felt this good and this healthy before.

This program changed my life. I am now nine months in and I still apply it to my everyday life. To not live in anxiety or fear of food has given me joy and freedom. To know that balance is real and that my body will be in balanced weight and health if I am gentle kind and loving toward it is everything.

It’s like walking out of a prison and having the sunshine on your face for the first time in years. My blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol and in perfect health. All the while I have done it with love, kindness and joy!

Thank you, Jess. You have created something truly and deeply magical!


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