How to Stop Dieting & Finally Achieve Your Happiest Weight: mindbodygreen Masterclass

I was so thrilled to be able to travel to New York earlier this year to film a one-off masterclass for health and wellness online mecca, mindbodygreen – full of my healthy recipes, tips to teach you to listen to your body, eat intuitively and find weight balance.



In this masterclass, I want to help you to give up the fad dieting for once and for all – Instead to show people how to commit to a healthy way of eating that brings long lasting results – that is sustainable and easy to manage. I believe it’s important that people understand the dangers of stress on the body and how much stress dieting creates within the body and to help you understand there is more to health than calorie counting and intense exercise – together we will uncover the missing links between health and weight loss, and help you achieve long lasting results.

By the end of this course, you will be on your way to ending the tormenting cycle of dieting-restricting-binging and beginning to find freedom with food and peace with your body.


This class is for you if:

  • You want to find freedom with food and peace with your body.
  • You’re excited to finally achieve your happy weight — absolutely NO dieting necessary.
  • You want to balance internal factors — your hormones, blood sugar, liver and more — to achieve vibrant health.
  • You’re ready to shift your focus from weight conscious to health conscious (this is when the real results come).
  • You’re ready to end your guilt and anxiety around food/eating.
  • You want to learn how to easily cook healthy meals that you can fit into your life.
  • You want to find balance in your life and your approach to food.


It is for people of all ages who have ever struggled to find balance with food and their weight, who have tried a number of different diets and are tired of the endless cycle of short-term results that are impossible to maintain in the long term.

This is also for anyone who’s doing all the ‘right things’, but still not getting results, and for anyone who’s found themselves to be caught up in the toxic cycle of stress and emotional eating.


What you get:

  • A targeted 14-day plan to get you to your happy weight – absolutely NO dieting necessary
  • Insight into the sneaky factors sabotaging your weight-loss efforts (hint: your workouts might be doing more harm than good!)
  • An exclusive self-love masterclass, which has helped thousands of women break the cycle of dieting and nourish and embrace their beautiful bodies.


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