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It’s my 35th birthday!

09 April 2024
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Yes, I am turning another year older and wiser… and reflecting on the journey, you have all given me more than you know. I want to say thank you with my whole heart for being part of the JSHealth family. Your love and support are the greatest gift of all.

This past year has been a journey of growth… filled with its own set of challenges and lessons (life is very imperfect!), but each hurdle has shown me just how strong we all truly are.

Through it all, I’ve come to cherish the simple things – a healthy morning routine with a cup of coffee, quality time with my hubby or family, a good meal and moments spent in nature.  These small joys truly bring me peace, which has become a cornerstone of my Healthy Life.

Perhaps this resonates with you too. Maybe you’ve rediscovered the beauty in the simple things this year. Maybe you’ve unearthed a hidden strength within yourself, learned to be kinder to yourself or even let go of the need to please everyone else.

Here are some of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned throughout year 34… 

  • Life is very very imperfect, but every hurdle that comes, is relaying how strong we really are.
  • My greatest joys come from the simplest aspects of my life – a healthy morning routine, a coffee, a good sleep, time with my hubby or family, a good meal and time in nature.
  • My peace has become the most important part of my healthy life. 
  • I used to resent how much workload I would have. Now, my perspective is that pressure is a privilege. I love working hard, and my brain would not want it any other way.
  • I think I do not give myself enough credit for how tough I really am. I can handle a lot. I want to learn to be kinder and more gracious with myself!
  • I am a big people pleaser, but I’m watching this slowly disperse… and it is so freeing.
  • Some days, my anxiety will bog me down and my brain will trick me that my worst fears will come to life. I’m forever learning to retrain my brain to release this fear, and lean into the uncertainty (and beauty!) of life.
  • I am eternally appreciative of my life. I’m overflowing with gratitude – I say ‘thank you’, every single day. This is what brings all the blessings… I can feel it.
  • The JSHealth journey and community will forever be one of my greatest joys. 
  • I am happiest at home, in my pajamas with a comfortable blanket and fuzzy slippers. It’s the simple things, again!
  • Wishing well for others only adds peace and blessings to my own life.
  • Life has a way of unfolding as it should.
  • Remember, you can endure anything for a short while.

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