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Jess’ Fiji Travel Guide + Pics

19 April 2022
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We recently visited beautiful Fiji for my mum’s 60th birthday celebrations. It was just gorgeous!

Dean and I went a couple days early to celebrate my birthday at Tokoriki… so the trip turned into a double birthday extravaganza. It was truly such a special time. For me, the highlights of Fiji are the people and the exceptional turquoise waters.

Now that international travel has opened back up, I definitely recommend a visit to Fiji. A bonus of this holiday is that it is less than a 4 hour plane ride from Sydney Airport! We had taken off and landed in paradise before we knew it.

Where to Stay


Perfect if you want an authentic, luxe-chic and adults only stay. Highly recommended for honeymooners. I just loved Villa 7!

Highlight: The people, food and staff were all amazing. I definitely recommend a romantic dinner on the beach front.


For modern luxury, and great for families or groups. The family villas are incredible!

Highlight: The family villa, the colour of the ocean and snorkeling in the stunning reefs.

What to do in Fiji

  • Snorkeling – incredible reefs with extraordinary sea life. We even went snorkeling with white tip sharks!
  • Boat rides and picnics 
  • Pool time 
  • Hikes 
  • Kayaking 
  • See the sights from a helicopter ride
  • It’s the ultimate destination to simple rest and relax!

Small disclaimer: when it rains there is less to do and can become more challenging to experience the beauty of Fiji, so aim to book in the drier parts of the year there.

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