Jess’s Bridal Beauty Routine

With just over a month until I say “I do,” I’ve been putting extra time and effort into my standard beauty routine. I’m a minimalist when it comes to products, but there are a few things that have become absolute musts to get that bridal glow! Here’s what my current beauty routine looks like:

Trilogy day and night creams. These have been a must to protect and moisturize my skin. I love their products and have found they make my skin really soft and supple. They are so nourishing!

Jojoba rose hip oil. As I mentioned in a recent post, I use this on my face, neck and arms every night before bed. I really want my arms to be smooth and moisturised on my wedding day, and I’ve been amazed to see any little bumps and blemishes that I had totally disappear. Amazing!

DIY face masks. I have always loved using natural products, and it doesn’t get more natural than homemade masks using real food! I always have items like avocado, banana, honey and lemon on hand anyway, so it’s a quick and easy way to nourish my skin. I recently shared a fantastic Avocado and Banana Face Mask, and all of my favourite “recipes” can be found in The Healthy Life.

Sleep. 8 hours is a non-negotiable. A good night’s sleep can keep your skin clear and your eyes bright, plus it helps your body repair, detoxify and stay energised – something I strive for every day, but most especially now that I’m in bridal mode. Switching off at a decent time helps me do this!

Hydration. I am drinking filtered water all day to help flush out toxins, and the hydration also keeps my skin supple and my hair and nails healthy. There’s really nothing water can’t do! I carry a bottle around with me so that I take in 2 liters, minimum, every day.

Clean diet. My meals haven’t changed much, but I am following my Signature Restart Program to ensure I’m getting lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and quality protein. The vitamins and minerals help keep my skin clear, my eyes bright, my hair strong and healthy, and just generally make me feel great. I highly recommend this plan for brides-to-be looking for a little guidance!

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