Join me in Social Media Free Sunday

Hoping you all had a beautiful week!

Now it is the weekEND. The end of the week. A time I like to use for rest and rejuvenation.  It is time to switch off from the busy-ness of our weekly routine and the ‘rush’ of life. My community knows how much I harp on about the negative health effects of NOT switching off – not resting enough. My opinion is that we all need more REST.

However, this is proving harder and harder to achieve nowadays. Social media (and technology in general) does not really allow us to switch off.

I’m experiencing this first hand more than ever. My business is now all happening via social media, and I find it really challenging to switch off.  I am so passionate about my work and I so love what I do that it excites me to share an Instagram, Facebook post or feature a blog article.  I am also embodying my goal of healthy living – my business is essentially me sharing my life’s journey. It’s easy for me to share what I’m doing with the world. No stress? Well, it’s not quite that simple.

The real question is this: is it straining my own health in some way?  My intuition tells me YES. Is this going too far? Is my body receiving it as ‘silent stress’ perhaps? I don’t feel stressed. But my mind and body are so busy, so preoccupied ALL THE TIME. It can’t be doing good things for my health.

Truthfully, I am not as unaware of all of it as it may sound. I make a conscious effort to switch off as much as I can. I switch my phone off for 1-2 hours every day, and I switch it off longer on the weekends.

We now live in a world where we have to set these kind of technology boundaries. I fear it is taking away from being fully present in our own lives. And I make a promise to switch all technology off by 8pm (I stick to this most of the time). But I want to take it a little further – I want to dedicate a whole day to a SOCIAL MEDIA FREE DAY. We all deserve it! Will you join me?

I am hoping to SWITCH OFF all social media every single Sunday.

I believe this is going to benefit me in a number of ways:

  • Set me up for a more productive week
  • Allow my nervous system to rest and repair
  • Take my health to the next level!

Let’s do it. Together. Hashtag #jshealthswitchoff every Saturday and get excited to have your social media free day! I am so excited about this – but I need your support. Tweet it, like it, share it, regram it if you’re with me. Let’s go into our next week feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

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  • I switch off Facebook and blogs most Sundays because I feel overwhelmed. Let’s make it every Sunday!



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