The JSHealth Cacao Pops Recipe… Revealed!

You guys have been asking me for weeks for the Cacao Pops recipe and I’m so excited to share with you that the recipe can now be found in our latest eBook – JSHealth Clean Treats!


We are giving away the new eBook with our JSHealth Program Spring Sale! When you purchase the Program today (until the 4th of October 2017!) you get $50 off, which means the whole program is now only $99, and you will receive the eBook for FREE, which includes my Cacao Pop recipe. The Clean Treats eBook can be found as a PDF in the Program under Resource PDFs and then under ‘General Resources’!


Just use the code JS50 when signing up for the Program at


This is the first time the recipe has been made available online! For those of you who have my second book, it can be found on page 162 and if you’re already on the Program, it has been added to Resources, under ‘Extra JSHealth Recipes’.


I hope you love it as much as I do!

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