JSHealth Pre-Meal Meditation

28 August 2016
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I always try to do this meditation before sitting down to a meal. It helps to calm anxiety and stress around food, encourages mindful eating and makes a meal far more enjoyable I think!


Try this next time you sit down to eat. Let me know how you go xx


  1. Take 3 long deep breathes as you sit down to your meal.
  2. Remove phones/computer/TV and any other distractions from your environment.
  3. Look at the food and say a simple “Thank you for this plate of goodness”. Feel how lucky you are to have access to food – and healthy food that helps your body to thrive.
  4. Remove any negative thoughts/guilt/fear around the food by replacing them with a positive affirmation; “My body is going to feel nourished from the meal”, “My body knows how to break down this food well”, “This food is healing”.
  5. Remember food is to be enjoyed. Begin eating your meal with the intention to ENJOY – Why rush such a pleasurable experience? The food isn’t going anywhere. Take one mouthful at a time and chew and taste the deliciousness – repeat this throughout your meal.
  6. After your meal, state “Thank you for nourishing my body”.


Click here to download the PDF version




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