03 December 2017
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Due to the success of the 8-week online JSHealth Program, we have created a PDF version for all those who prefer a simplified and printable layout.


The JSHealth Program Handbook is the perfect way to treat yourself or a loved one. There’s no better gift than giving yourself or your loved ones the opportunity to find balance in the new year.


From experience, I understand some people just do not love the idea of needing to be by a computer to read detailed information. I also understand some people just want to digest the JSHealth content at their own pace.


Some of us also prefer to print and read the content as you would with a hardcopy book. Now you can basically have the JSHealth Program in your pocket!


Buy the Program Handbook now for an exclusive discount price of $79.99 (RRP: $99.99) until Christmas – our gift to you!

Click here to find out more!

Already joined the online JSHealth Program? We’ve got you covered. Email for your special Program Handbook discount code. 

So what does the JSHealth Handbook include?


  • The JSHealth principles, which are laid out in an 8-week, step-by-step plan that focuses on the 4 signature JSHealth Pillars: Eating with Balance, Lifestyle, Intuitive Cooking and JSHealth Nutritional Principles. You will receive each week as a separate PDF to read or print off.
  • The Program Handbook contains the JSHealth signature Meal Plan, exclusive recipes within the meal plan, a weekly Menu Planner and vitamin guide, shopping list and my signature Mindful Eating tips.
  • There is a great focus on fostering a health body image and more wholesome relationship with food throughout all the weeks – helping you overcome anxiety and stress around food, and commit to balance with food for life.
  • The Handbook also contains the signature JSHealth nutrition and lifestyle advice that is helping thousands of people transform physically and emotionally.
  • Each week covers a specific JSHealth principle:

Prep: Prep for Success

Week 1: The Art of Stressing Less

Week 2: Reset & respect your body

Week 3: Finding balance – with food, weight & your lifestyle

Week 4: Heal Your Gut & Learn to be Mindful

Week 5: Boost your energy, banish bingeing & emotional eating

Week 6: Cleanse your mind, body & life

Week 7: Hormones, healthy habits & rituals

Week 8: How to live the healthy life for life – putting it all together


The Program Handbook will help you to:

  • To be on the path to reaching optimal health.
  • To feel like you can sustain and maintain your new healthy habits.
  • To feel in control of food.
  • To be on your way to healing your relationship with food and your body.
  • To feel at ease and at peace with your body.
  • To have a restorative and energising sleep each night.
  • To be able to eat foods with moderation – without bingeing or overeating.
  • To find your balanced weight, one you can maintain in the long-term.
  • To feel less guilt/fear/anxiety around food.
  • To have an abundance of energy and vitality to live your best life.


What is the difference between the JSHealth Program Handbook and the 8-week online program?

The Handbook

  • shorter and more simplified version of the Online Program.
  • Gives you all the information you need and can be read at your own pace.
  • You can print off each week or snapshot the pages to your mobile device.
  • It contains all the most popular JSHealth signature meals and recipes, as well as the JSHealth Meal Plan & Shopping List.
  • Contains my practical advice – that you can take with you wherever you go!

The Online Program

  • Contains more detailed advice with interactive cooking and lifestyle videos and recipes.
  • Unlocks content week-by-week through a technical system.
  • Also contains the most popular JSHealth recipesMeal Plan & Shopping List.
  • Has an online forum for daily extra support from the JSHealth team.
  • Includes a weekly email newsletter that is sent twice a week for extra support.


The Program Handbook is designed to help you quit fad diets and find balance with food and your body, long term. The JSHealth formula has proven to work for tens of thousands of people worldwide.


“I’ve struggled with food and body image for a long time. The JSHealth Program has helped me heal my mind set and my body with healthy wholesome foods.”


“I began this journey struggling greatly with my relationship with food. But last week (Week 7) was life changing. I became organised. I am truly beginning to love myself again and this Program has shown me that needs to happen from the inside out!”


“I’m very happy to say that I’ve lost weight! How much I don’t know because I don’t have scales (this tip revolutionised my life!) but a top I wore 10 days ago is now loose. “


“For so long, I’ve struggled with self-confidence, body image and emotional eating. Honestly, I’m just really tired and drained from feeling negative and guilty. This Program means a fresh start and a new beginning. I know it’s not easy, but I feel grateful to have this forum as a way to share my experience as I know many of you have “


“I’m feeling really good – mostly mentally. It’s so nice to stop stressing about food and to eat more intuitively. I have also stopped weighing myself weekly which is really nice.”


Our gift to you! The Program Handbook is ON SALE NOW until Christmas! Only $79.99 (RRP: $99.99)! Click here to find out more!


Already joined the online JSHealth Program? We’ve got you covered. Email for your special Program Handbook discount code. 





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