JSHealth Program Results are UH-MAZING!

Each week I get the most incredible feedback from the amazing people in my 8 Week JSHealth Program, just look at these amazing results!


“I used to stress so much about what I was eating and would often feel guilty if I ate anything bad. I am on the first week and have found the stress relieving exercises so helpful! I can already feel my mentality towards food changing for the better!  Thank you Jess xx”


“One the most obvious changes I noticed on my body was that my cellulite was almost gone and my skin was smoother than ever and glowing. My hair looked healthier and became stronger (I stopped losing so much hair whenever I washed it). I also lost a couple of kilograms but I think my body composition has changed because I noticed that my whole body was leaner and I could somehow see my abdominal muscles! But for me, the most important thing is that I have almost stopped binging! I stress less about food, and have started loving myself for what I am no matter how much I weigh. I have stopped trying to eat perfectly everyday and whenever I have a bad meal or a bad day, regarding food, I try to forgive myself and move on. Moreover, I started cooking and found out that healthy cooking can be delicious! I will be forever grateful to you Jess for this wonderful program. Thank you for sharing your experience and for helping people like me heal their relationship with food. I will definitely do the Program again and again! Words are not enough to describe how grateful I feel for taking up your program!”


“I already feel more relaxed about food and exercise and as a result I’ve actually wanted to eat better and move more! I’m loving the focus on mindset “


“Everything started changing since I started the 8-week program. It was like somebody truly understood how I felt all these years and helped me heal my relationship with food. As the weeks passed I noticed that I almost had no sugar cravings at all and I could control my hunger. I also stopped depriving myself of specific foods that I considered “bad”, instead I replaced them with a healthier version. As a result, binge eating didn’t occur everyday as it used to happen.”


“I feel so much better within myself, I feel like I am happier about how I look in clothes and I am excited to cook dinner and lunch. Tonight I made the quinoa and eggplant pizzas with chicken from last week’s suggestions and enjoyed the meal so much!!!”



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