Program Testimonials

I wholeheartedly believe ‘living the healthy life’ has helped to heal my symptoms with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). I have suffered in many Areas but acne was always my biggest struggle! I used the pill for years and years to help my skin. I decided last year I wanted to get off the pill and I knew I needed to work on the inside…. nothing topical (creams, lotions, oils, scrubs, medication) ever worked on my skin. I knew it was internal so I decided to be stricter with my diet and follow the JSHealth guidelines. Life changing! I’m now doing the JSHealth program and my skin has never been this clear- Ever!! I still have scars but no active spots or pimples. This is huge for me 😁

Just wanted to say Thankyou for helping me lose my holiday weight! 5kg wow! I never thought I’d be saying that. Not only was the program so easy but delicious. You’re a legend JSHealth❤️

My skin has pretty much cleared up, my gut is still a work in progress but not nearly as sensitive as it used to be, my periods are more regular now than they’ve ever been, my relationship with food is the best it’s ever been (I’m a total foodie now and LOVE experimenting with your recipes) , my liver is way less stressed and so am I. Over all, I am a healthier person, and thankful to you because of that . I really love your outlook and your wholistic approach to healing. I think everyone

Hi Jess… these two colleges are testament to my progress since following the jshealth plan. I used to have acne all over my face, chest and back. My gut was a mess. My liver was under so much strain that I was getting agonizing pains on my one side, my anxiety was through the roof and my weight was never moving down . I was constantly lethargic my hormones were out of wack, my relationship with food was skewed, the list can go on. Fast forward to about a year- I’ve lost a total of about 10kgs

Hi Jess! I just wanted to thank you for your books and everything that you do! I’ve been following your program for a while now and about 3 weeks ago my mom asked me what it’s all about and I introduced her to your book and some recipes from your program and she is absolutely loving it! With a family of 6 she has always struggled to get new healthy ideas for cooking and to find things that are easy for her to squeeze into her schedule. She absolutely loves your program and everything in it!

I have followed the online program & absolutely love it! I would like to print the PDF version to just have as reference & guide to share with my friends & family. This is exactly what the whole world should be following! For over 20 years I have worried and obsessed about food. The guilt! It’s all gone now & I feel so empowered! Amazing stuff!!

I’m just about to start week 4 of your program. I love that I have been feeling so much less guilt around food and learning to be more mindful again! Love your approach from all angles…mind, food, lifestyle, changing small habits. It’s been brilliant so far. Thank you! 😊😊

Hello Jess . I had to share the joy of making and earing 😉green bread using your wonderful recipe. In fact i have tried most of them from your book and it works EVERY TIME !!! I am planning to share them with my colleagues at work on the monthly basis to encourage healthy but very delicous eating 😊Jess Sepel’ way . Thank you thank you !!!!!!!!💖

Wow! Can’t believe you responded. Thanks for that. Absolutely love your message and program. I have all your books and have incorporated so many of your tips and meals into my daily life. I have been on constant diets for ten years and have lost so much weight but put it all back on. I feel happier and healthier only a couple of weeks in! X

I love it. It’s so so helpful, manageable and enjoyable. I’ve taken so many tools from it and it’s been so good for my anxiety which manifests so much in food. The food is delicious and easy, and I LOVE how we are encouraged to have our snacks. You are so raw and honest and loving, it’s the best investment I’ve made in myself in a long time.

Hi Jess!! I have only been following your program for a couple weeks and absolutely love it and everything behind it! I was wondering what it takes to become a JShealth ambassador? As a personal trainer it’s a program I would love to show my clients and offer them a code to encourage them to join. ❤️ Billi x

I don’t even want sugar! And I went out this morning for a coffee then went right past because realised my energy levels were completely fine! With new baby

Hi Jess! I’ve been following your program since the end of last year and it has made the biggest difference in my life. I am a much happier and confident person compared to who I was before I read the book.
I was wondering if maybe you could answer a question of mine?
I wake up most mornings in the week at 4:30am because I have swimming training for my school and I find that if I don’t eat before I swim I feel so weak but then when I get out the pool at 7am before school – I am hungry again.

OMG I’ve been dillydallying with the 8 week programme because I was travelling but started Tuesday even with the week 2 plan. It’s incredible, the meals are so tasty and I feel so light considering that I’ve been eating so much (I’m the fasting/skip meals dieter type). Really curious to see where I’m at in a week from now. Honestly, don’t even have room for all the snacks!

I’m at the end of week 7 of your program and it has to be the best thing I have committed myself to in regards to my health and well being. I have always eaten well but at times just struggled with binge eating and then depriving myself; low self esteem followed and it became this pattern that I just couldn’t shake. During the last 7 weeks I have felt AMAZING!

In the past I’ve had terrible cramping, bad mood swings, bloating and migraines for 7-10 days before my periods started. It’s ALL GONE! If only I could have done the JSHealth Program 37 years ago I wouldn’t have had to put up with these symptoms for so many years!

What happened during these 8 weeks is that I started believing I was actually worth something. It was such a powerful moment for me and a big eye opener.

The positive outcomes from this program that I have experienced are: increased energy, clearer skin, comfortable fitting clothes, lessened PMT symptoms after experimenting with eliminating dairy (can’t wait for my next cycle to see how that one is!), accepting that I am who I am and that I don’t need to be perfect. I am still a work in progress but I have come so far. You Jess are a wonderful and amazing human being and I am grateful for everything that you do.

I’ve just finished the 8 weeks and to anyone who is starting and doubting or hesitating to be a part of the Program… DON’T! This Program has changed my life, my wellbeing and has stopped my bad weight gain spiral.

Since discovering your Program, my whole outlook on food, eating and life has changed. I’ve never been happier or more relaxed. I enjoy my food. My mind is happy. My skin is clear and glowing. I love my body!

I weighed myself on the start of the 8-week Program & again when I finished 2 weeks ago. In 8 weeks I lost over 2kg just by eating all the recipes in her books!

I just wanted to let you know I think you’ve changed the way my picky kids are eating! They devoured broccoli mash, spinach and chicken for supper! That has never happened! Thank you for your brilliant recipes!

I’m at the end of Week 5 and I have lost 6kg. Which is totally unexpected because I didn’t start this Program to actually lose weight (but to feel better!).

What I love most is how your Program touches on every aspect of wellbeing in such a refreshing and sustainable way. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent and I know I will use it as my wellbeing bible forever more! I used to obsess endlessly about food and working out to the point that it was occupying way too much of my thoughts. Since starting your Program I feel so much more relaxed.

I’m feeling on top of the world this morning thanks to your Program. I’m so happy, have so much energy and am so excited to be alive! I’m on Week 7 and I can’t wait to do the Program all over again! Thank you!

Wow I have managed to drop 8kg since following your Program! I don’t crave or even think negatively about food anymore! It doesn’t control me! I have never felt so happy and whole in myself.

I’m in Week 4 of the program and have already seen a huge change. I’m not thinking and stressing about food anymore but eating intuitively instead. I’ve also cut back the high intensity exercise and doing more yoga and walking. I think lowering my stress, even though I didn’t feel stressed before, is having an impact on my body letting go of those fat reserves.

Entering this Program was the best decision of my life! I am a new person now that finally knows how to deal with stress, cravings and feelings around food. I feel healthier, happier and more energised. I no longer have this daily need to binge on food, I’ve got my whole life to eat! Thank you Jess!