The JSHealth Self-Care Protocol

Somedays we just feel blah…!


I get you.


We all have off days where we don’t feel so connected to our own beautiful bodies.


Somedays you just don’t have motivation to do anything – I get you!


This is a perfect day to add some JSHealth self-care rituals. Your body is craving some love and nourishment.


Here are some of my personal self-care rituals I practice on these days – or as often as possible!


  • I light a candle and bring in my feminine energy. Candles are so calming. You can read a book or enjoy a cup of tea with a candle lit near you.
  • I read my book – takes me out of my head!
  • An Epsom salt bather with lavender oil is so calming – love doing this after work,
  • I watch my favourite feel good TV show.
  • Do yourself foot massage – with delicious moisturizing cream.
  • Thai massage – they are usually affordable and very good to lower stress levels.
  • Deep belly breathing – 2x/day – prioritise this.
  • Leg’s up against the wall for 10 minutes.
  • Meditate or just tune into your breathe.
  • Go to a yoga class ASAP or do yoga at home (
  • Put away phone and emails – especially social media.
  • Take it slow all day. Be conscious of not rushing where possible. Just move slower.
  • Put away your to do list – attend to it tomorrow!!!!


My online Program is full of self-care tips just like this 🙂 I guide you week by week to live the healthy life. Find out more here!

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