JSHealth Top Health Tips For 2014

Happy 2014!!

The start of an amazing year together.

This is a fresh and exciting time to visualise your health goals and dreams and make them into a reality.

You just have to remember and believe you are worth it!

I am here supporting you all the way…

The below are my favourite health tips that will kickstart start your health in 2014.


Here they are: 

  • Eat clean unprocessed foods.
  • Drink water- all day (filtered if possible)
  • Practice mindful eating- engage in the eating experience- this improves our relationship with food and our bodies.
  • Eat in a relaxed environment
  • Chew your food until it is liquid
  • Eat until satisfied, not full.
  • Start your day with a beautiful and nourishing health routine e.g.: lemon water, meditation, gratitude and movement.
  • End the fad diet mentality. Let it go. Diets don’t work long term.
  • Buy local and organic produce where possible
  • No more deprivation- enjoy a treat daily or weekly. This is healthy!
  • Listen to your body- start to engage when you are hungry and not hungry
  • Nurture your emotional self. Be kind to yourself. Remember you are good enough.
  • Don’t buy ingredients unless you can pronounce them – avoid anything ‘artificial’ because your body does not know how to break it down
  • Keep active- daily. In your favorite ways! Yoga is body and life changing.
  • Breathe deeply from the belly
  • Enjoy solitude and rest daily. Yes, everyday. Schedule in time to rest just like you do for your work meetings.

This is going to be your year! I know it!

xxxx JS

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  • Annika

    Please add some new breakfast recipes! Your recipes are amazing!

    • Thank you so much. I will 🙂

  • Annika

    Please add some new breakfast recipes! Your recipes are amazing!

  • Danni

    So motivational 🙂 going to print this list and hang it up!

  • Lauren

    Hi Jess!
    Happy New Year! Wishing you every success and an abundance of happiness !!
    Just wanted to say thank you so much for inspiring and motivating me everyday to live life to the fullest through health and wellbeing!
    You put so much time, effort and love into helping other people. What a special, kind soul you are!!
    Thank you so so much
    You are VERY appreciated and make the world a brighter happier place!
    Love, Lauren
    ps. your recipes are incredible and i love your whole philosophy on life and health!



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