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My UK Tour – Your dreams are possible!

20 May 2022
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Dear JSHealth Community,

If you’ve been following along on the @jshealth Instagram, you will know that I am currently in the UK launching JSHealth Vitamins into Boots, Selfridges and HARRODS stores!

This is such a career highlight for me… I can’t stop smiling from ear to ear. From making it even easier for our UK customers to get their hands on our unique formulas, to meeting our UK team for the first time after two and a half years, all the hard work is paying off.

I’m so humbled that JSHealth has reached such a global community, both in the OG philosophy behind the brand for a balanced, healthy life, and through our range of supporting products. So, a teary-eyed me is thanking you from my heart for  supporting this journey. It’s all because of you!

All I know is…your dreams are possible. Sharing some pics below of some of the pinch-me moments I’ve had so far.

Love you to join virtually on our UK tour over at @jshealth!

xo Jess


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