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LA Guide 2016: Breakfast Spots I’m Loving

26 February 2016
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I’ve enjoyed breaking in my LA kitchen for breakfasts – it’s nice to have such a beautiful space for recipe creation – but I’ve also found myself very tempted to try out all of the incredible breakfast spots in the area! Whether it’s to grab a quick on-the-go smoothie or savour a sit down meal, these are my favourite LA breakfast spots so far:

Backyard Bowls: Just like the name hints, they’re all about healthy bowls and smoothies! For breakfast they feature divine porridge bowls, and I love the Island acai bowl and the protein bowl.

Gjelina: A favourite spot in Venice for great coffee and modern food all day. 

Beaming: This superfood cafe features delish juice and healthy food all day. They have the absolute best acai bowls and granola. It’s all packed with protein and superfoods – what’s not to love? 

Earthbar: There are several locations in the LA area, featuring fresh food, juices and supplements. I love the Flax Master smoothie with maca and vitamin B-12, and their acai bowl.

Cafe Vida: A perfect spot for the health-conscious! They have great ambiance and deliciously healthy food at their 3 LA area locations. 

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