“I Have Learnt To Forgive Myself When I Don’t Eat So Perfectly”

Here, we chat with Krystal MacGregor, 28, a full-time mother of two who completed the 8-week Program. Krystal says the program has helped her manage her anxiety, overcome her battle with disordered eating and establish a healthy relationship with food.



Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start the 8-week program. Was there a turning point in your life?

I am a full-time, stay-at-home mum of two girls, [aged] three and one. I struggled with an eating disorder in my teens and I’m still dealing with anxiety. I did the JSHealth Program to learn to combat those underlying fears around food and to give back to myself, as I’m always looking after those around me. I want my girls to grow up loving and respecting themselves. The JSHealth Program is an amazing tool to help me be the best role model I can be, teaching them [my children] to nurture and love themselves.


In what way has the 8-week Program changed your relationship with food and health?

The 8-week Program has taught me to fuel my body with whole and nourishing foods most of the time, to indulge in moderation – minus the guilt – and to trust my body to take care of the rest; [my body] is more capable than what I give it credit for.

There is so much conflicting information out there regarding what we should and shouldn’t be eating. I find it incredibly overwhelming and triggering at times. The 8-week Program is a great grounding tool; it removes the fear, gave me faith in my body and provides the guidelines to prevent me from slipping back into my old ways.


What benefits have you experienced since following the program?

I’ve been told that my skin is glowing and my eyes are brighter. My anxiety has reduced. I have learnt to forgive myself when I don’t eat so perfectly. Instead of writing off the entire day and beating myself up, I just move forward and make a better choice with my next meal. With the help of the program, I am learning to let go of my all-or-nothing approach to food. Through the 8-week Program, I’ve connected with some super supportive women who have inspired me and kept me accountable.


What are some of the JSHealth principles that you’ll continue to implement into your daily life?

I will continue with Sunday prep. As a busy mum, JSHealth Sundays have made my weeks so much more manageable and less stressful. They set me up for a successful week. My three year old loves helping me out in the kitchen, too.

I’ll continue moving my body in ways that I love because it helps me mentally. It’s a way of giving back to myself. I’ll continue practising gratitude, particularly around my health, access to nourishing food and clean water. These are privileges that not everyone has and something that shouldn’t be taken for granted or abused.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you to Jessica and the JSHealth team for gently guiding me back to trusting my body. This was my second time completing the program and its something that I will revisit time and time again to keep myself grounded and because there is just so much to learn from it. The Healthy Life is a journey, not a destination.


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