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Lifestyle Tip: Check Your Phones and Emails After Your Morning Routine

30 October 2013
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With all my social media feeds and emails, I find my phone/computer can drive me into a state of panic and stress at times. Can you relate? I go on and on about stress being the number one health killer in my opinion. It is particularly important to start your day off on a stress free note. Waking up with a beautiful health routine will signal to your nervous system that all is ok, and shift you into parasympathetic mode – this is when your body gets to rest and repair (and burn fat for energy by the way!).This will do wonders for your hormones and state of mind.

So, instead of opening my eyes and turning straight to my phone and computer, I have now made a conscious effort to only look at my phone AFTER my morning health routine. After I have done my belly breaths, drunk my lemon water, exercised/stretched (when I have time) and had breakfast. I actually think because of this small lifestyle adjustment, I am digesting my breakfast much better (remember the blood diverts away from the digestive system during stress). I am also enjoying my mornings even more!

Thought I would share this with you, it may help you!

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