Lighter, Brighter & More Confident on the JSHealth Program

Absolutely love hearing how you guys are going on the JSHealth Program and I love helping you feel more confident, happy and healthy!


“I am in week two and already I feel lighter, more energetic, more confident and am sleeping better than I have in years! I am genuinely enjoying cooking your delicious food and trying new things! Thank so much for my new life.”


“I love the guides that show you how to build a balanced meal! I have been using all the tables you provide in the program and following this formula for my lunch and dinner and it really works! The portions are perfect, I never feel too full but am never hungry afterwards which of course means that there are no bingeing cycles. It is really simple but effective so thank you.”


“The eating with balance section was exactly what I needed to hear. I was in tears as I read it, because it pulled me right out of that awful mindset. I felt the tension of the past week begin to ease, and my love for myself and my body come back.  I am so so grateful to you for helping me to stop myself from falling back into that negative cycle, and for giving me the tools to do so in the future.”


“I feel amazing. My bloat is gone, sugar cravings gone, I’m well rested and present in my life. My meal plans consist of your recipes. I no longer have to count calories, worry about meal timing and I just have no stress over food anymore. I am learning to listen to my body and eat mindfully.”


“Woah! I am in week seven and the tools you’ve given me trough the program empowered me, I feel calm now and this lifestyle feels normal. I can hardly believe how this healthy lifestyle became my own. I haven’t had any urge to binge in these seven weeks and I can’t imagine ever going back there. I received your second book in the mail today and I’ve been jumping up and down ever since. I can’t wait to make the recipes and keep up this healthy life. Thanks”



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