Love Your Body on the JSHealth Program

Self love is such an important aspect of true health and something I really focus on in the JSHealth Program. It’s such a life-changing ability, to love yourself, to love your body. When you do, you really start to see amazing, positive changes in all aspects of your life!


“My eczema was gone within 3 weeks of starting the program, my back pain is at its lowest ever and the toughest of all, the bloating and the growing belly have finally started to come down as of week 6 (I sing my praises to your cleanse!). I haven’t weighed myself throughout the program so I cannot speak to weight loss but it is clear that I am much leaner than when I started!”


“I’ve just started week one, but the content has already been amazing and I’m confident that I’ll be able to complete all 8 weeks! I’m so glad to have found a program that focusses on the WHY and how. Rather than a meal and fitness plan that doesn’t teach you how to love your body but just change it.”


“I’ve really felt my body change and I have a better relationship with food in general and making more conscious choices rather than over eating or over indulging because ‘its the weekend’ or ‘they make it so much nicer at this restaurant’ so I thank you for that and my fiancé is loving all the food and is super pleased I have made more conscious decisions in investing in my health.”


“My mum who rarely eats healthy was sooooo impressed by one of my fave JSHealth dishes I made for her tonight, the eggplant parmigiana. She hasn’t stopped raving about it and cannot believe how simple it was to make! Thank you for helping me share how delicious and easy the healthy life can be, with the ones I care so much about and love the most”


“I’m sure you get this a lot, but you’ve most certainly changed my life. My whole attitude to health and wellness, self love etc. so thankful”



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