Love Yourself Again On The JSHealth Program

Falling back in love with yourself is one of the greatest outcomes of following the JSHealth Program. I wrote this program specifically to help heal food relationships and body love struggles after going through them myself. I can’t tell you enough how big of a difference it made to my life and I’m so happy to hear others finding the same! Love!


“The anxiety and obsession I had is so far removed from how positively I’ve been feeling about food and my body on your program over the past few weeks (self care and acceptance all the way!!).”


“I am loving the program! The best part for me is how light my head and my heart feel. I don’t beat myself up about what I eat or how I look. I eat mindfully and with happiness. I view my body with love and admiration. I have become so aware of negativity around food and self-image that I catch myself when a negative spiral starts, and turn the situation around in my mind by reassuring myself that my body can process the food that I am eating, that I make the best decisions to nourish and fuel my body, and that I am beautiful and blessed. It’s truly an amazing thing you have done for me. Thank you!”


“I’m working a lot and I stopped taking time for myself and stopped exercising. I was always stressed and sad. I have tried many things (and many times) but nothing stuck and I’d have to start again. Now is the first time in a while that I feel great! I still have a lot of work, but a couple of weeks in your program and I can see the light !! I feel so zen and energetic, it’s so amazing.”


“I’ve lost 5.5kgs in 3 weeks and I feel so amazing! But the weight is nothing compared to how I feel and I’ve finally stopped bingeing!”


J x


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