Loving Note To Teens: Let Go Of The Weight Obsession

Weight Obsession

As a teenage girl, I sadly become obsessed with my weight. I latched on to fad diets and felt I had to be thin to feel accepted.

Teens, I was one of you once! Your world is shifting, your body is changing from puberty and everything kind of feels out of control. Many of us use dieting and restrictive eating as a way to regain that control. I get you. It becomes an addiction.

I ended up with serious health and emotional issues due to my restrictive eating patterns. I sadly disconnected from my body, developed negative body image, lost my period and struggled with food and my weight for years after this.

I want you to know that it’s normal to gain a little weight during your teenage years. This is because your hormones are adjusting to your new body.

If you eat a wholesome, healthy diet, your ideal weight will follow. As will balance.

We have to allow the body to go through its natural cycle of change. You have to give it some time to adapt and adjust.

Empower yourself. Please don’t follow what your school friends are doing, because you are an entirely different person. You’re unique and your bodies needs are different to your friends, and your way of eating should reflect that.

Reject fad diets, and eat wholefoods instead.

I want you to focus on nutrients, not numbers. I want you to forget about kilos and calories. Trust your body. I want you to have a healthy relationship with food and your body – because this is the most important part of the healthy life.

If you are struggling. I am here for you! Do not hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram @jshealth and I will support you to finding balance.

My 8-Week online program is a supportive program that helps you heal and nourish your body, check it out here. 

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