The JSHealth Signature Meal Plan Release!

Meal Plan

I’m so excited to announce the release of the JSHealth Signature Meal Plan. If you already have the Program, you may be familiar with just how helpful it can be. I’ve designed it carefully to assist you in planning your everyday meals so that they’re nutritionally balanced, sustaining and delicious.


The Meal Plan is great for people who are new to healthy cooking and eating, as well as those who are familiar with the healthy life.


The Meal Plan also includes the JSHealth Menu, a two week sample menu that tells you exactly what to eat (great if you love more guidance and structure at meal times), as well as the JSHealth Shopping List, which tells you exactly how to stock a healthy kitchen.


I’ve designed this Meal Plan so it’s easy to follow, flexible, and full of delicious signature JSHealth meals. I hope you love!


What you will receive:

  1. The JSHealth signature Meal Plan that has helped thousands of people achieve a healthy body, for life. This meal plan includes the JSHealth signature meals that are incredibly quick and easy. The meals are carefully nutritionally formulated to help you achieve blood sugar balance, weight balance, good energy and a healthy gut. The meal plan also contains JSHealth signature mindful eating tips, helping you overcome stress and emotional eating. This meal plan teaches how you to become an intuitive and flexible eater.
  1. The JSHealth Menu – The JSHealth Weekly Menu is a two-week sample menu that details exactly what to eat. It’s great if you do better with structure and direct guidance. It contains a range of balanced JSHealth meals that you can rotate. If you prefer the more flexible approach (like I do), refer to the Meal Plan at all times and rotate the meals in there.
  1.  JSHealth Shopping List. The Shopping List offers a breakdown of the pantry and fridge essentials to stock up on to create a healthy kitchen. Print it out alongside themealplanand meal planner, and shop according to what you’re planning to eat that week.


Note: This signature meal plan contains refined sugar-free and gluten-free recipes, with plenty of dairy-free alternatives. The meal plan also caters to vegans and vegetarians by offering plant-based alternatives to most of the recipes, as well as a seperate vegan recipe page.


How does it work?

The Meal Plan is designed to teach you to become an intuitive eater, while also keeping your meals easy, quick and delicious. For each meal and snack time there are 4-6 options to choose from. You can pick the option that you’re in the mood for, or have the ingredients to make. All the recipes are placed in the Meal Plan itself.


Who is this meal plan for:

  • Anyone looking for nutritious and quick recipes
  • People who are new to cooking and do not have the time to cook time consuming recipes
  • People looking for more food ideas and structure when it comes to eating
  • People hoping to lose weight, the meals in here are carefully designed to support weight balance
  • People who have suffered with disordered eating or anxiety around food – the mindful eating tips promote stress free eating
  • Anyone who loves the JSHealth way of life and have found the recipes help them to live their best life
  • Anyone who suffers with gut issues such as IBS, bloating and constipation – this meal plan is designed to support good gut health
  • Families wanting to live a healthier life. Kids and partners love the JSHealth recipes.


Note: If you have The JSHealth Program or JSHealth Program Handbook, you will already have access to this Meal Plan.


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