Melbourne’s Best Avocado Dishes

At JSHealth, we love connecting with other healthy foodies all over the world! Ellie Laffner is one of these fantastic foodies who’s been running her Instagram @healthycleantimes (with 45K followers) and website for over 2 years. She’s only 19 but she’s already taking on the world – empowering women to adopt a balanced and relaxed approach to health with her real, raw and honest voice. Her motto: Health should ENHANCE your life, not BE your whole life.

You can find her daily on Instagram: @healthycleantimes and on Snapchat at ellie.laffner. Read on to find out Ellie’s favourite Avocado dishes in her hometown, Melbourne!


Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve been admitted to Avocadicts Annoymous quite a few times. In fact, I might be the President.

Anything with avocado and I’m sold. I love avocado any time, but I crave it most at breakfast time. Most mornings I usually go for a run, boxing or a Pilates class. And after that, I’m STARVING! So I need a generous, fresh, tasty avocado breakfast – PRONTO. Melbourne has some of the best cafes in the world, and I’m lucky that so many of them are in my neighbourhood.

These are my favourite cafes that know how to mash, smash, and treat an avocado with respect.


Tree House Lounge

Located: 263 Carlisle St, Balaclava.

IMG_4757The smashed avocado on Multigrain toast topped with organic quinoa, sweet corn, pomegranate, feta, freshly torn herbs + poached eggs.

Treehouse Lounge has the perfect earthy, relaxed vibe that makes me feel right at home. This generous dish has every element covered, from sweet, salty, creamy to crunchy. The generous serving of whole, nutritious ingredients makes Treehouse Lounge a go-to!

This, my friends, is a party on a plate.



Located: 320 Carlisle Street, St Kilda East.


Avocado + feta mash on sourdough toast.

Don’t be fooled by the minimal ingredients. These guys know how to make an Everest out of avocado, and at very reasonable price! I love to add a poached egg for my source of protein and a big squeeze of lemon. Perfection!



Whyte Café

Located: 1122 Glen Huntly Road, Glen Huntly.


Avocado feta mash on toasted olive bread w/ mixed seeds, lemon and poached egg.

Are you in need of some healthy fats? This café has got you covered. And that toasty olive bread – Oh. Em. Gee, hello Omega 3!

This will keep you full and satiated for hours!


Turquoise Café

Located: 451 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield.


Sliced avocado, poached eggs, smoked salmon, sautéed spinach and fresh tomato.

Okay, this might not be a ‘smashed avocado’ dish, but this is my favourite place to go when I’m craving eggs and sides; with the trophy side being, you guessed it: Avocado. Always fresh, always light, always hits the spot. Especially when I am craving simple, whole foods!


Mamoth Café.  

Located: 736 Malvern Road, Armadale


Avocado and pumpkin seed hummus on toast, coddled eggs, native bush tomato dust.

This café is full of innovative and creative dishes that look as good as they taste. You’ll be tempted to try everything on their kooky menu! However, as I chronic avocado addict, my go-to here is obviously their beautifully presented avocado dish!

The big chunks of avocado with pumpkin seed hummus makes this dish a standout in my books! Filling, nourishing and so tasty!


It’s safe to say that Melbourne has no shortages of beautifully crafted avocado dishes, making me one lucky Melbournian!


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  • Samantha

    Love this girl! Definitely will hit these cafes up! HCT is one of my fave bloggers out there, loved seeing her featured on your blog!

  • Emily

    Yum!!! -dangerous to read before breakfast I am CRAVING avo!! Can’t wait to try all these places

  • Mary

    Great tips! Wanna try them!


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