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Molly’s Top Five Fitness Tips

27 February 2020
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Molly Gay is one of our incredible trainers from the JSHealth App! She is a qualified Pilates instructor with a passion for making movement fun! Molly’s enthusiasm is evident in every class she teaches, through her upbeat tunes, and innovative ways of guiding her classes through movement patterns. This American pocket rocket will have you feeling energised and excited for any workout!

If you met Molly, you’d be desperate for her energy to rub off on you! Luckily for you, Molly is sharing her top five fitness tips, to help you through your App workouts!

Molly’s top five tips are:

1. Recover. 

Proper recovery is just as important as your workout. This will forever and always be my number one tip! Good recovery, fuelled by proper nutrition and hydration, along with getting enough sleep and making healthy lifestyle choices, will help you feel and perform at your best.

2. Find something that you love.

Finding an exercise style (or three!) that you love will help you find that necessary internal motivation to get up and get sweating. If it doesn’t make you feel fantastic and challenged, try something that does. After all, the best type of exercise is the one that you do consistently with joy.

3. Exercise for celebration and exploration.

I always try to go into a workout with the mindset that exercise is a celebration of being able to move our body and enjoy what you can do, not focus on what you can’t do. It’s such a privilege to experiment with different methods of training and join a community that’s passionate about health and wellness.

4. Use the buddy system.

Finding it hard to even just start the workout? Numerous studies have found that signing on to sweat it out with a buddy may increase your chances of getting it done. Not only do you have support, but it’s a fun way to catch up and laugh your way through.

5. Prepare.

Preparation will save you so much time. On a Sunday evening, I’ll write out my schedule for the week, work and social appointments. Then, I’ll fill in the gaps with training sessions or little exercise ‘snacks’ if the day is jam packed. It makes it easier to stick to a consistent routine, and know what I need to pack in my bag from day to day.


If you’re eager to try Molly’s tips for yourself and give one of her incredible workouts a go, sign up to the new and improved JSHealth App today! You’ll get access to hundreds of healthy and simple recipes, movement videos, health challenges and so much more!

You can also find Molly on Instagram here.

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