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My 14 Fave Beauty Hacks And Tips

19 August 2019
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I’ve never thought of myself as a beauty expert. In fact, I’m pretty low-key with my make-up and beauty routine. Give me a good moisturiser, a nice bronzer, a lick of mascara and some coconut lip balm and I’m set. When it comes to beauty, I prefer to focus on the inner, rather than the outer. That means eating a nourishing whole foods diet, supplementing, drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of greens.

If you’d like to know more, here are 14 of my fave beauty and skin hacks.

My 14 beauty hacks

  1. Favourite inner health product: A good-quality probiotic and plenty of greens. I love broccolini, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts – you name it! I’m obsessed with greens and eat them every day. Why not try my fave green soup!
  2. Favourite hair product: It would have to be the JSHealth Hair + Energy Vitamins. I spent years using the minerals placed in this formula and also prescribed it in my nutrition clinic. It works. The research shows the iodine helps with hair strength and volume, while zinc helps to maintain healthy hair. The kelp in the formula is pretty special.  It works.
  3. Favourite cleanser: Natural soap, the JSHealth Balancing Vitamin Cleanser, or apple cider vinegar on cotton wool!
  4. Favourite exfoliant: I use a warm towel every night and scrub my face gently.
  5. Favourite serum: Just any pure vitamin C serum. Our JSHealth Pro-Collagen Vitamin Serum is my go-to.
  6. Favourite day cream: I use the JSHealth Vitamin Infused Probiotic Moisturiser every day, without fail.
  7. Favourite face oil: You might be able to guess the answer to this one – the JSHealth Luminous Vitamin Oil, formulated with natural retinol alternative Bakuchiol, has to be my trusted daily oil.
  8. Favourite vitamin: I’m biased, so I have to say the JSHealth Vitamins. Our vitamins support energy, wellbeing, metabolism, thyroid health, healthy skin, hair strength and digestion. I’m genuinely obsessed with the ingredients and formulas.
  9. Favourite sunscreen: Ultra Violette light-weight sunscreen.
  10. Favourite night cream: Trilogy night cream.
  11. Favourite mascara: Inika.
  12. Favourite lip balm: Glossier coconut lip balm.
  13. Favourite body cream: Coco Cabana Cream – just for the smell!
  14. Favourite fragrance: Jo Malone Mirna Tonka or La Labo.


I’d have to say that overall, my favourite beauty hack is taking my JSHealth Skin + Digestion formula, which works synergistically on your skin and gut. As a nutritionist, I’ve always believed in the powerful connection between our skin’s health and our gut health, which is why I created this formula. This formula was created to provide extra support for skin health, to optimise digestive enzymes and populate the gut with skin-loving nutrients.

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