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My Amazing Day at the Four Seasons in Bali

26 November 2016
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If you heading to Bali – I highly recommend booking in a lunch at the gorgeous Four Seasons in Ubud. Or treat yourself to an amazing few nights there. For me, there is nothing like a hotel experience at a Four Seasons hotel – the service, luxury accommodation and ambiance is on another level.


I just recently spent a spectacular and luxurious day there. The day started off with anti-gravity yoga, followed by a relax at their incredible pool that overlooks the flowing river, sipping on a fresh coconut! To end the day off perfectly – we were served a healthy gourmet lunch by the pool. Absolutely delicious.




Anti-gravity yoga – mind blowingly amazing!

You have to give it a try. I hear they now have it in Sydney and LA!


What is it? AntiGravity Yoga classes were created and founded by former gymnast and dancer Christopher Harrison. With a dynamic and groundbreaking ‘flying’ technique, it uses hammocks to support bodies of all ages and abilities into enhanced and inverted postures to relieve stress, encourage healthy blood circulation, and, in short, have fun!

I must admit – I was a little intimated by it to begin with. But felt completely rejuvenated afterwards. You can feel your blood flowing around your entire body. You literally feel like you are flying. It is incredible for stress, headaches and over thinkers (like me!). I felt so relaxed after it.



The pool – to die for. 




A beautiful healthy lunch…


Beautiful roasted salmon salad with feta, walnuts, beetroot and cucumber.



Superfood salad of quinoa, chickpeas, avocado, pumpkin and a tahini dressing.



Traditional Balinese bowl with red rice, sautéed veggies and beef.



Gorgeous summer salad.



To make a booking, visit

Thank you to The Asia Collective for arranging this amazing day for me.  


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