My Beauty Regime!

Many people ask what I use on my skin.

Not much!

Very minimal! I really do not place too much emphasis on ‘skin products’ instead I nourish my insides. I know for sure that external features such as skin and hair are a direct reflection of what’s happening on the inside.

I am not crazy strict on everything being 100% natural and organic. My rule is more about keeping things to a minimum and using products sparingly. But of course going for natural wherever possible. Not everything I do is perfect 🙂

The most basic way to enhance your skin is to follow a wholefood diet.

  • Get rid of the junk aka: sugar, wheat, alcohol, refined carbs and processed dairy.
  • Eat lots of greens and organic sources of protein – many people are not eating enough protein! We need amino acids to build and repair cells – this includes skin and hair cells.
  • I drink a green juice daily or a wholefood green powder
  • Avoid anything in a packet – they usually packed with chemicals
  • Careful of pesticides. So go for local and organic produce if you can.
  • Follow a supplement regime if you need an extra boost. Ill list my favs below
  • Drink filtered water- 2-3l
  • Careful of caffeine – 1x/day is enough.
  • Take care of your digestion – probiotics really help!
  • Take care of your liver
  • Take care of your stress levels. I commit to rest daily.

A few little tips for your skin to show some love on the outside: 

  • You know I am a fan of Burt’s Bees Products.
  • I love their day and night facial creams.
  • I also love their herbal face wipes.
  • I use SPF sun cream too during the day.
  • I also love eco tan for the occasional fakey!
  • I use rose hip oil at night. I have been loving The Trilogy Rosehip Oil.
  • I dab apple cider vinegar on my blemishes.

That’s about it……

I really hard ever use a facial cleanser. I often use some herbal face wipes at night to get rid of any dirt or makeup residue.

Makeup wise:

  • I use Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation during the day and night.
  • Bobbi Brown bronzer
  • Mac zoom eyeliner
  • Mac shimmer – at night.

That’s all.

Skin supplements:

  • Daily fish oil- 2-4g. Udos oil is fabulous.
  • Probiotics – daily
  • Mineral complex – I like The Metagenics Mineral Essentials
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