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My Favourite Coffee Spots in Byron Bay!

14 April 2015
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Over the recent long weekend I was lucky enough take a break from Sydney and head to Byron Bay with my family!

I truly love holidaying in Byron Bay.

With it’s amazing food, heathy approach to living, and relaxed beach atmosphere – it’s the perfect place to unwind!

Also. As a coffee lover, I have to say – I have had the best coffee I have ever experienced in all my life in Byron Bay…seriously!

I just had to tell you about them.

I usually order half a cappuccino, or a piccolo with full cream milk. When I’m taking a break from cows dairy, I always enjoy almond milk.

The coffee I experienced in Byron was always rich and creamy – which is a huge plus in my book!

In case any of you lovely people plan on heading to Byron Bay in the near future, I thought I would share with you the top 5 favourite coffee spots I discovered, so you can enjoy them too!

1. Sparrow x2 (Bangalore and town)

2. Harvest cafe

3. Road house

4. Top shop

5. Succulent

From my personal experience, any of these wonderful spots are sure to serve you up a delicious and satisfying coffee every time!


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