My Favourite Sydney Coffee Spots!

11208729_10153241896420699_954233534_nThose that know me well know that I LOVE my coffee! Probably almost more then a glass of red. One of the highlights of my day is enjoying my one coffee each morning. I adore the smell and the taste. I look forward to the experience of walking to my local coffee shop for a cozy cup.  A daily ritual that I cherish!

Today I see so many people drinking four to five coffees a day – for some this is the norm! This huge influx of caffeine creates hormonal havoc and blood sugar levels to surge quickly, creating a blood sugar roller coaster for the rest of the day. I suggest drinking a coffee on a full stomach to help balance out 11208729_10153241896420699_954233534_nthese effects.

It also triggers the release of adrenaline (too much adrenaline can lead to the fat storage stress hormone, cortisol) and congests our precious livers (our largest fat burning organ and the place where our hormones are processed).

So! My suggestion is enjoy one coffee per day in the morning, and on a full stomach. These are the top 6 coffee shops in Sydney that I am loving right now?


La Piadina


Cali Press




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  1. Meagan
    4 years ago

    I know this is an old post.. But is your daily coffee usually made with almond milk?

    1. Jessica
      4 years ago

      It depends – sometimes I’ll opt for almond milk and other times I’ll go for organic full-fat dairy, as I know my body can tolerate it in small amounts. Always best to find what works for you xx