My Healthy Week In Bali

My Healthy Week at Ubud Health Retreat, Bali

As most of you my dear followers know I just came back from a beautiful week in Bali. The purpose of my trip to Bali was to find a location for my future health retreats (and it was most definitely a holiday too!!).

I have come home totally health inspired. I have so many new thoughts and topics of health I want to write about and share with you. I need to go slowly though otherwise I will completely overwhelm both you and myself!

The traditional ways of the Balinese people- the way they eat, cook and live is so unique and something we can all learn from. It always fascinating to me when I see these beautiful people immersed in their traditional cultural setting and just how well these eastern communities age. The elderly hardly have a wrinkle! Their faces are sparkling with health and happiness. There must be a reason for this. Maybe its all the organic foods they consume and grow themselves. Maybes it’s because they are not exposed to the harsh chemicals of urban living and instead they are living amongst greenery. Maybe it is because they are so happy with the simple things in life and don’t have the same social pressures and stressors we do. Or maybe it’s because they follow the ways of their ancestors and eat how they have eaten for thousands of years (they eat for their digestive makeup). Who knows! But it is definitely interesting for me to learn from these Eastern cultures and try to implement some of their ways into our own lives.

I travelled to 4 different Health Retreats with my health mentor Layla. You will all meet her soon!

I will share with you the highlights of each place.

First: Desa Senni


An Eco Village just outside of the main town of Seminyak (15 minute drive). This place brought me to tears. Most of the premise is an organic veggies patch! It is a yoga and health inspired resort. If you love your yoga- this is the place! This is hopefully where I will be holding my retreats.


My days there looked a little like this:

7:30- Meditation

8:30- Vinyasa Yoga (there is yoga for all levels at different times)

9:30 Organic veggies juices/tonics/smoothies and fruit for breakfast

11-1- Reading by the pool (health reading !!)

1- Organic lunch at their amazing health café

3pm- Spa treatment

6pm- Dance Yoga/Chanting

7pm- Lite organic Dinner

8:30pm- Bed time


  • The yoga and the experienced and spiritual yoga instructors
  • The organic veggie patches
  • Watching the beautiful Balinese staff pick the fruit and veggies in the morning to make my meals!!
  • The Food at the café- loved the zucchini pasta, smoothies and tonics
  • Loved the rustic Balinese style rooms
  • Beautiful staff

Second: Ubud Sari

Located in the heart of UBUD town. A secluded and rustic detox center. Most people there are on a juice fast. Oh no, not me. I love my food too much! I believe we can cleanse efficiently with food!



  • My room was on the river- simple but beautiful.
  • Yoga in the mornings amongst the forrest
  • I absolutely loved their raw café! Their juices, smoothies, raw pastas are fab!
  • I experienced a 4-hour ‘Boreh Treatment’ that consisted of a traditional Balinese style massage, a scrub, a bath and a hair treatment- heavenly.


This is where we managed to visit some of the best health spots in UBUD! These places are a must visit if you are health crazy!

Yoga Barn- I went here each morning for a yoga session. The best yoga teachers from all over the world come to teach yoga here. The café at Yoga Barn has fabulous healthy – called Kafe. Have an Ayurvedic consult with Uma while you are over there!!

Healthy Cafes to visit in UBUD:

  • Soma- A small and vibey health café run by the loveliest man, John. You have to try their Ojas booster warming drink, the rice pudding, pumpkin pancakes and mushroom pattie. Heavenly!!! Say Hello to John from me!
  • Clear- Great little health hot spot. They have a large menu with both raw and cooked foods. Loved their Kale and Cashew salad and their vegan Brownie!
  • Alchemy – Best wholesome salad, juices and raw treats in Bali.
  • Bali Budda – Great Veggie Lasagna. Great menu!
  • Kafe (in Yoga Barn)- loved their egg scramble and antioxidant smoothie.
  • Sari organic- a 20 minute walk through the rice paddies until you reach the serenity of this café that overlooks all of the rice paddies. A beautiful Balinese women runs this café and all the produce is from her organic veggie garden that she grows herself. She is glowing with health.

Third: Fivelements

A luxury boutique style hotel that only has 9 rooms. This is a 30 minutes drive from the main part of Ubud. It is very secluded. Do not stay here if you wish to be apart of  the Ubud town scene. However you could go to the town for dinner and come back to stay.



  • The beautiful room on the river that included the most romantic outdoor spa bath.
  • Their detox bath and massage treatment was the best I had in Bali. Their spa products are totally natural and chemical free. They use whole foods as body treatments.
  • Very private if you looking for absolute peace and quite
  • Their raw and vegetarian restaurant. The best raw food you will ever eat. The  highlight is the Raw Food Chef, Maddy- He has been trained in America and his food is the best I ate in all of Bali, no exaggeration.  I recommend the: Kale slaw, stuffed zucchini flowers, pasta alfredo (cashew dressing), raw lasagna, warm eggplant dish and the raw banana bread for breakfast.



Fourth: Como Shambala

Probably the most luxurious resort in all of Bali. It is very expensive though- be warned. It is located 40 minutes away from the main town of UBUD on the river.


It is a beautiful and large resort that follows a healthy living philosophy in all that they do and offer. It has both a ‘health’ focused restaurant, Glow and a traditional Balinese restaurant for those not interested in the health aspect.


  • The property itself is breathtaking.
  • The rooms are absolutely stunning and romantic- you get your own Butler, swimming pool and living area.
  • The healthy menu is large and caters to all needs- it is now just raw, vegan, or vegetarian. You can choose to have cooked foods, raw foods meats, fish and they can also put you on their cleanse program or juicing program. Whatever you wish. They will do as you please.
  • The food is incredibly healthy and gourmet style.
  • I loved the breakfasts the most- the avocado on toast and the pumpkin pancakes were do delicious.
  • The greatest highlight is their natural rock pools located down by the river. You are able to request a healthy picnic which gets brought to the pools. You spend the day amongst nature, eating wholesome foods and resting on their beautiful day beds by the pools.
  • I would recommend this resort to people who are middle aged and can afford it.

photo photo

Come with me to experience the above and more…

As mentioned above, the purpose of this trip was to find a location for my future Health Retreats. My plan is to take the best from what I experienced from the above and create my own program that will run for 5-7 days with my business partner. A Detox, Health, Cleansing and Yoga Retreat that is created for women who desire to reconnect with their bodies, take a break from the busy nature of their lives and learn how to better their health with the guidance of nutritional practitioners.

My tentative dates for my first ever retreat is Feb 2014 or April 2014.

Who is coming?? I would so appreciate your comments below!! I know there will be limited spaces so whoever is able to commit first will be able to reserve a place. I cannot wait to meet you!

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  • Natalie

    It sounds like you had an amazing healthy and relaxing time. I have been looking into health retreats in Bali for a while, so I would love to see what you put together.
    I have been reading your blog for a while and I find it so inspirational. You really live what you preach.

  • Jess

    When you know the dates, I will put in for leave!! I will be there 🙂 x

  • So so keen!! Keep us updated!!

  • Jess

    So there!!! Sounds AMAZING!

  • Jasmine

    Hi Jess,

    Sounds like an amazing trip you had – you lucky thing!

    The idea of you starting up your own retreat sounds wonderful! Here are some personal items that sounded great from the ones you attended and personal
    • Yoga at least twice a day
    • Massage, reflexology and spa time once a day
    • Organic Juicing/cleansing option
    • As far away from the hustle and bustle! Bali is an amazing please so are deep in to the jungle we can get the better
    • Small and intermittent no more than a group of 10/15?!

    I would love to attend the retreat in April 2013 (as unfortunately work commitments will not allow me to come in February)… Also the weather tends to be a lot nicer in April.

    Keep up the great work xo

  • Lisa

    I would so love to go to one of your retreats but my daughters are still too young. If they are still running in a few years I will definitely be there. Having said that I will recommend your page/future retreat to my single friends and friends with older children. I know some of them would love to do something like this! x

  • Nicky

    I would love to go! I have done some research into health retreats in Bali and usually look for places that include yoga/organic juice and organic foods/spa treatments and a quiet/private room to relax in and sleep!

    • Thanks Jessica, great information and spot on for the Bali Retreats. I have been facilitating retreats in Bali for 11 years now….and wow what a difference it is today…still wonderful, still open hearted and generous. If you are interested to know anything about my retreats and where I go please contact me through
      all the best!

  • Lauren Burke

    I will be there Jess! 🙂

  • Lauren

    Yes please!

  • Christine

    This sounds incredible! Exactly what I’m after! Please keep us all posted!!

  • Danielle

    This sounds like a fantastic splendid idea!!! I watched all the photos you posted on Instagram and Facebook through out your trip!!! What break taking photos!! I would absolutely love to go to Bali for a health retreat, but even more excited to go on one if your health retreats!!! Please keep us posted of all ideas you have !!! ☺

  • laura

    sounds fantastic 🙂 i wouls really love to go i think i would learn ssssooooo much 🙂 xx

  • Bella

    Count me in… would love to bliss out in bali for a week!

  • Sharna

    Would love to come!!!

  • Marion

    Wish I could….but I too have two small children and the timing and finances just don’t allow for it right now…but one day…bucket list!

  • georgie

    Sounds so amazing, please count me in!!!
    I love reading about and seeing your healthy journey, so inspirational!
    would love to go either Feb or ApriL!! X

  • sasha

    id love to go with my mom! keep us updated with the dates so that we can organize, im from Colombia, South america, and i would deffinitely travel all the way to bali for this amazing expirience but i will be needing to know the dates with time so that im able to pull it together.

    thanks 😉

  • Krista

    Hi Jessica!
    I would love to learn more about your retreat. I have always dreamed of doing something like this and I love everything you post! Do you have an approximate cost yet?

  • Liz Arnott

    Would love to be apart of this!! Well done and good luck setting this up!

  • Caro

    Great article and it all sounds amazing. Wish I was there now but would definitely want to join next year.

  • Meg


    I would LOVE to come!!!! Is there a mailing list/wait list we can be put on?



  • Amy

    I have become a healthier person, inside and out, because of your blog. I love all your realistic posts, and your knowledgable words of wisdom. Been wanting to go to a health retreat for a while now, and I know I’d be in good hands at yours. Keep us updated, and count me in!

  • Emily

    This sounds magical!

  • Amy

    I would love to go to the one in Feb! When will you be confirming?

  • Jessica Arnott

    (sister to liz arnott commenting below) …..

    Both of us would lOVE this experience.
    having been to bali previously – the people and the environment is just amazing. they’re so humble, loving
    and generous.

    what better way to spend a holiday?

    Keep us posted!

  • Amanda McKenzie

    Please count me in. Have been planning to go on a health retreat and would love it to be yours!

  • cilla

    Hi Jess
    im very interested in joining you next year at one of your chosen health retreats .
    please put me down on your contact list when you have any further details

  • raj

    Im in!@

  • Grace

    Hi Jess,
    Would love to hear about your 2014 health retreat plans!

  • milly

    im keen for april 2014

  • Angela Chen

    Hi Jessica,

    I just recently started reading your blog and must I say it is AMAZING!
    I am also studying Nutritional Medicine and absolutely loving it and love the learning.

    Would definitely love to reserve 1-2 spots for this retreat!

    • That makes me so happy 🙂

  • Melissa Bogoff

    Hi Jess

    I am very interested in attending your health retreat in April. I am just starting my journey with nutrition and am hoping to be studying this next year. I am a mum of
    Three teenagers and my goal is to set them up for life with healthy eating habits. I love your blog and recipes – keep up the good work.

  • Melissa

    Hi Jess,
    I’d love more info on this trip! Looks amazing!

  • Laura

    Would love to know more!!

  • I will already be in Bali for almost the whole month of April! 🙂 Unfortunately I cannot attend a health retreat there at this time because it is a family vacation, but I would love to attend a future retreat! My goal is to live simply and save money so I can travel to one place each year and do things like yoga retreats and also attend a yoga teacher training.
    I love your blog! Very informative and your recipes are great. I’m new to blogging, I have just recently started one, but I have already posted about you and your recipes!
    Thanks for all the inspiration! 🙂

  • Emily

    I am very intrigued with your health retreats! April 2014 would be ideal, but if you had more in the future I would be up for it anytime! I have been reading your posts since December 2012, and you have become one of my biggest inspirations for focusing on my well-being and myself, especially since I’ve recently gone through some tough emotional-damaging events. I am now very passionate about nutrition, yoga, and wellbeing. I’m going to start my journey of studying health sciences in 2014.

  • Annie

    Hi Jessica, I would definitely be interested in attending one of your retreats! I’m a huge fan of the blog and would love to meet you and learn from you! Annie xx

  • julie

    Hello when is your next retreat in Bali would really like to meet and learn more, Julie, xx

  • Lola

    I am coming please let me know when and where
    Can’t wait x

  • Lauren

    Awesome info for healthy travel in Bali! 🙂
    Just want to add a little more, if you want to search for Bali long term rental for weekly/monthly/yearly there is a local site Bali Budget Housing they list house, villa and apartment.
    Hope this help!


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