My Latest Travel Snacks

It has been a busy few weeks of travel! I’ve been travelling between and around South Africa and London for work, and these snacks have been essential to have in my bag for when my energy starts to drop. These are easy to pack, most of them travel well without needing to be refrigerated, and they taste delish. Here are my latest travel snacks – give them a try and let me know how you go!

  • Raw almonds
  • Pumpkin seeds mixed with goji berries
  • Rice cakes or flax crackers smeared with almond butter or avocado
  • Green apples

And some favourites from local health food shops:

  • Bliss balls
  • Kale chips
  • Clean Paleo bars made from dates and nuts – check the label!
  • Plain Greek yogurt topped with cinnamon and stevia
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  • I love taking almonds with me pretty much everywhere I go. So handy and healthy which is always a plus.

  • Lauren

    When you’re travelling internationally do you buy your travel snacks at the airport? 🙂

    • If possible yes! Otherwise I’ll buy them beforehand and keep them in my carry on 🙂

  • Maxine

    I fly every week and the best advice I got and try and follow is to have 2 lt of water before I go. I know it sounds a lot but its not by the time I wake up shower have a lemon juice and have a few hours going to the airport and boarding. I also drink heaps when I land. If worse comes to worse I take 3xTriphala a Ayurvedic tab for body cleaning and digestion.



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