My secret to a glowing bridal complexion? Hydration

I recently shared with you some of my top skincare tips – and I know this is a popular topic because you’ve been asking for more! To me, a glowing complexion is a sure sign of radiant health. I’ve said it before, but beauty truly starts from within. Staying hydrated is the easiest and most effective beauty tip, in my opinion. In order to achieve that, we generally need to be consuming about 2 litres of water a day.

As I prepare for my wedding in December, and especially with my recent travels to Los Angeles, I’m making hydration a priority. It’s so easy to become dehydrated when we fly, and our skin suffers the consequences. Since I’ll be traveling for my wedding too, I’m really making sure to incorporate these tips into my routine so that I consistently get my daily 2 litres and my skin is in prime condition.

Warm lemon water. A favourite tip! I enjoy this hydration boost every morning – not only am I getting a full glass of water, I’m also preparing my body for digestion and detoxification. Win-win!

Herbal teas. I love enjoying these throughout the day – especially in the morning after I’ve had my 1 coffee. I love green, peppermint and also dandelion tea, which is a fantastic caffeine-free coffee substitute. Adding a little frothed almond milk makes it as decadent as a latte, without dehydrating you like caffeine will.

Eat your fruits and veggies. That’s right – fresh produce also has a high water content. Leafy greens, citrus fruits and berries all count in helping you achieve your daily hydration goals.

Or add them to your water. Another amazing way to convince people to drink up. It amazes me how many say they “don’t like the taste of water.” Well, my healthy homemade vitamin water will fix that! Since store bought versions are often packed with sugar (which does nothing for your skin), making your own is a super easy and very tasty way to incorporate your favourite flavours. Take a look at some of my top combinations.

Carry a water bottle. An easy trick to drinking more water? Have it with you at all times! I’ve been known to walk around my house with one, and I always have water with me at my desk when I’m working and with clients. If it’s right in front of me, I’m much more likely to drink it. And I’m especially diligent about carrying a glass bottle with me when I travel – staying hydrated while your body is adjusting to the altitude, jet lag and change in sleep is essential.

Use a water filter. Remember that the quality of the water you’re drinking is also important. You can’t flush out toxins with more toxins, so I encourage water filtration systems. It improves your all-over health – which, of course, also means healthier skin and a beautiful glow!

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