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My Top 5 Indulgences in LA

10 June 2015
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My philosophy? That part of healthy living is being able to indulge with moderation and no guilt.

LA has a wide array of healthy spots, but of course is also full of other not so healthy temptations. I usually treat myself once or twice a week to a small treat – healthy or not!

I wanted to share a few of my recent favs with you:

  1. Cake Batter froyo from Yogurtland – lots of sugar, but I enjoy a small bowl with crushed almond and walnuts.

unnamed (6)

  1. Go Greek – a delicious chocolate flavored Greek yoghurt – a small bowl at 5pm topped with granola and crushed almonds is heaven!

unnamed (1)

  1. A glass or two of red wine from Sunset Towers in West Hollywood

unnamed (2)

  1. Sweet potato chips from Toast or The Farm in Beverly Hills
  1. Oily Brussels sprouts from Sunset Towers

unnamed (3)

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