My Top 5 Must-Dos After Traveling

After returning from a month away for my wedding and honeymoon, it was important to me to embrace a daily routine. I had the time of my life in paradise, and I was also excited about returning home with Dean to start our life as husband and wife. Settling back at home after a holiday, whether it’s just a few days or several weeks, isn’t easy. But these tips have helped me get back into my healthy routine.

1. Unpack right away. It’s tempting to drop your bags and avoid them – believe me, I know! But unpacking, washing and putting away your things as soon as possible will get you settled back at home so much faster. You’ll have lots of things to do, but don’t let this chore be one of them or you’ll be digging around in your bag for weeks! Plus, you’ll come across little mementos and memories from your holiday that will be so much fun to reflect on.

2. Establish a yoga routine. My body always craves yoga after traveling. I make an effort to get right back into a class schedule or yoga session with my family, but if time doesn’t allow right away I make a point to practice at home. It feels delicious, but it also helps me center and focus as I get back to daily life.

3. Get back into the kitchen. One of the things I miss the most when I’m away from home! I was grateful to experience the best of the best meals while on my honeymoon, but I so love creating in the kitchen. Look to your return home as a chance to experiment with renewed excitement. Try out some of the local flavours you experienced on your trip, whip up old favourites, or give a few new dishes a try (The Healthy Life has loads of fun recipes). But I encourage you to take the time to prepare and eat meals at home.

4. Hydrate. Let’s be honest – drinking water probably isn’t your biggest priority on holiday. Even with the best of intentions to keep up that healthy habit, there has undoubtedly been less water and more adult beverages sneaking in! Between that and your travels home, combined with jetlag, your body is craving some serious hydration. I’m always happy to come home to my Zip Hydrotap, which is the easiest way in the world to have fresh, filtered water right at your fingertips. I love the temperature feature – instant boiling water for my morning lemon water, and chilled to fill up my water bottle and take with me wherever I go. Good habits back home!

5. Reflect on your travels. This has become huge for me. As you’ve seen in some recent posts about my honeymoon, I’ve been thinking about what I’ll bring home with me from each experience. This is a great way to honour the holiday and also incorporate some of the peace and relaxation (or even a new hobby) into your daily life.

For more travel tips, you can have a look at the JSHealth Travel Plan here.

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