My Top 6 Go-To Healers in Sydney!

So when it comes to clothes, I really don’t shop…and I mean ever!

My friends and family are always laughing at me, because I don’t know anything they are ever talking about when it comes to designers or clothes.

I basically do a once a year shop at my favourite go-to spots such as Zara or Country Road, and grab my fitness wear online from Lulu lemon, or from Cotton On Body.

Lets be honest, most of the time you’ll find me in my yoga get up!

While you wont often see me weaving in and out of shops on Oxford St, or hitting the sales hard at David Jones,  I do spend my money on other things – and it’s usually on healing practices!

Why? Because I honestly believe there is no better investment than your own health.

IMG_9711I often get asked who are my favourite go-to healers in Sydney, so here is a list of some people who have helped me over the years! 

1. Daniel – my acupuncturist. He specialises in pain relief. I go purely for the benefits of acupuncture. I believe he has helped balance my nervous system, and heal my adrenal glands.

IMG_9715 (1)2. Lily Lui – Chinese herbalist and acupuncture – she heals peoples bodies in a miraculous way!

3. Dr Claudia Lee the best integrative GP in Sydney, in my opinion!

IMG_97124. Angela Hywood an amazing naturopath – she really knows her stuff!!

5. Still beauty massage – the best massage you will have ….and from your own home!

6. Palm massage Bondi – for a cheaper, but equally as enjoyable Thai massage! So relaxing!

We all have our little indulgences, so I guess these are mine! To be honest, health is so so important – so I never feel guilty about treating myself to these amazing healers. WhileI don’t go every week, it’s something I like to do about once a month. Any of these people I would recommend to those looking to do the same!

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