My Top 6 Tips to Prevent Jet Lag

After more than a month of incredible opportunities in the United States, I am preparing to fly home to my beloved Sydney soon. My time relaxing and detoxing at Rancho La Puerta has been a blessing and could not have come at a better time – a break between the work here and all of the exciting work awaiting me at home as I prepare for my book, The Healthy Life, to launch next month.

It’s also giving me time to get my body ready for travel! Flying around the world can take a toll on our systems, and before I go on trips I do my best to prepare my mind and body so that it’s not quite as much of a shock. Here’s what I’m doing to get myself ready and to avoid the dreaded jet lag:

Staying hydrated. I’m drinking lots of filtered water and carrying a bottle with me when I’m walking around so that it’s always right at my fingertips. You know my recommendation – 2 liters a day.

Taking my vitamins. Especially my B’s. I always travel with a B complex vitamin to keep my energy up.

Avoiding caffeine. That’s easy to do here, but whenever I’m preparing to travel I avoid any kind of caffeine after 3pm. That means my 1 cup of coffee a day, and then I stick with herbal tea.

Avoiding alcohol. Again, easy to do in this environment. But I certainly enjoyed a glass of wine or two during my travels, and this is giving my system a break so that I’m not facing dehydration upon flying.

Focusing on digestion. Travel can upset this balance, so I always travel with digestive enzymes and probiotics. I also use psyllium husk or ground flaxseed with lots of water to keep things moving.

Practicing yoga. My body loves me for this! It is calming, centering, and helps rebalance energy flow. Yoga is an incredible way to ease any jetlag you may experience once you return home, too.


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