My top tips to ease jetlag

As I prepared for the trip home from Los Angeles earlier this week, I knew that I was going to be jumping right back in to a busy schedule upon my return. In order to help combat the inevitable jetlag from traveling from one side of the world to another, I prepared my body and mind. So far, these tips have been doing the trick! I feel calm and awake, and the transition has been quite smooth. Give these a try during your next big journey!

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the flight – I add 2g vitamin C powder + magnesium powder.
  • Avoid alcohol pre-flight and on the flight.
  • Avoid salty foods before, during and after the flight.
  • Pack healthy snacks to prevent yourself from falling for unhealthy options – think raw nuts, bliss balls, seaweed and veggie sticks.
  • Prep a green wholefood powder when you arrive home. I’ve been using Nature’s Way green powder.
  •  Take a walk in the fresh air as soon as you can upon returning home.
  • Start up your yoga practice again as soon as possible.
  • Use lavender oil on your temples to calm the nervous system.
  • Sip chamomile tea at night.
  • Take homeopathic melatonin 2 hours before bed to help adjust your internal clock.
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  • i really wish i had these tips. i just came back from south africa and the time changes seriosuly messed me up for atleast a week but i will take these into consideration next time.

  • It’s always tempting to reach out for that glass of wine or two on the plane… not so tempting if magnifies jetlag. Thanks for the tips. Will take snacks next time too.

  • Nice tips, Jessica! I do all of these too… except yoga. I’d add take oreganol too… it’s good just in case the body caught a bug on the flight.


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