My upcoming journey

It’s no secret that I am a firm believer in self care and cultivating growth. Now that I am working with clients in the clinic on a regular basis, it’s even more important to me that I set a positive example of this and practice it in my own life.

One of the things I so love about my career in wellness is that there is always something to learn and more ways to grow personally so that I can better guide my clients.  I’ve recently mentioned that I am going to a heath and yoga spa to relax, detox and develop more understanding about all things health. It inspires my work to visit these places, truly. I always come home with so many yummy new facts, and I cannot wait to share them with you when I return later this month.

I’m also excited to tell you that this doesn’t mean a pause in the information and guidance you seek here at JSHealth. I’ll be sharing more about that, but in the meantime, please tell me some of the things you’d most like to learn about upon my return. I will keep your questions and ideas in mind as I’m absorbing all of the knowledge and new ideas on my retreat. You are truly why I love the work that I do!

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