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My Yoga Retreat Experience in Formentera – Highly Recommend!

15 July 2019
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yoga retreat

I just recently experienced the most unbelievable yin yoga retreat in Formentera, Spain. My sisters, mum and I went there to enjoy some rest and rejuvenation before my sister’s wedding. It was an absolute treat and one of the best yoga experiences I have ever had. As a family, it was just so special to connect in that kind of environment. Yoga truly helps you to connect to yourself and others in such a beautiful and wholesome way.

If you are looking to spend quality time with your loved ones, this is such a divine experience to enjoy together – add it to the bucket list!


You may be wondering what exactly is yin yoga?

Yin Yoga involves a variety of seated and supine postures that you would typically hold for 3-5 minutes. This helps you access deeper layers of fascia (connective tissue). Yin Yoga was originally introduced by Paulie Zink. It is a more restorative and relaxing version of yoga. It can actually be quite challenging though, as you are going deeper both physically and emotionally. If you have a busy mind like I do, it is incredibly challenging. It can also be emotional as it can bring up deep rooted pain. Don’t worry, by the end of the retreat – that is sorted, and you feel lighter and more at peace!

Usually I am that person who usually loves hardcore flow style yoga. I like to get my heart rate up and move my body fast. I am a fast-paced human in general – which has its pro’s and con’s. The thought of being still and lying down in yin positions used to truly scare me to be honest. I guess sometimes what scares us the most is perhaps what we truly need? At Formentera I surrendered and let my body enjoy the benefits that so many people speak of.

After 4 days of practising yoga, I truly felt incredible. I feel lighter and more at ease in my own body. I also felt a beautiful sense of calm.

yoga retreat


Here is a snapshot of a day at Formentera Yoga:

7am: Wake up to coffee, tea and fruit.

7:30am: Enjoy a beautiful silent beach walk with the group on the retreat. There was also the option to participate in some stretches and gratitude practices on the beach. Heavenly.

8:30am: Enjoy your first yin yoga practice that goes for almost 2 hours!

11:30/12:00: Rest and relax by the pool or ocean. It is the most relaxing pool area.

1:00: Enjoy a healthy lunch by the pool or head to the town for a delicious Spanish meal.

Afternoon: Sleep, rest, swim, massage – what more could you want?

6pm: Enjoy your next yin yoga session and meditation session. This could be on the grass at the beach, you never know! I loved the element of surprise. Meditating on the beach was truly special.

8pm: Enjoy a wholesome dinner with the group.

9:30-10pm: Bedtime! And trust me, you feel so good!


yoga retreat


My Personal Highlights:

The food: Delicious, wholesome and nutritious meals such as grilled fish, veggies and salad. It is mainly plant-based food with a small amount of locally sourced fish or seafood. You feel really nourished after each meal and they can absolutely cater to your dietary needs.

The accommodation: You stay in the amazing Gecko Beach Club Resort. Gecko Hotel & Beach Club is set on a vast 8km stretch of white sand, on Playa Migjorn, making it one of the island’s most serene places to stay. After undergoing a major redesign masterminded by Mallorcan designer Antonio Obrador, the hotel reopened for its 2017 season bringing with it a fresh wave of Balearic chic – a blend of 1950s Riviera style and modern minimalism – and setting a new standard of elegance in Formentera. The hotel boasts 30 rooms and suites as well as an elegant beach club and restaurant overlooking the white sandy beach, offering guests unparalleled views of deep Mediterranean blue. It is comfortable, cosy and has a relaxed beachy vibe. I absolutely loved the pool area, it is simply stunning. The location is also fabulous.

The teachers: Jax Lysycia and Miles Matthewson are one of a kind. They are both absolute experts in their field of yoga and meditation. You feel as though they truly care about you and your experience. I loved their authenticity and individual approach. They make it a very spiritual experience.

The people: The group of people at our retreat were kind, caring and had great energy. We all bonded so well.

Rolfing: Never heard of this before? It is like a deep tissue massage that gets into the fascia and releases tension both physically and emotionally. It is the most unbelievable feeling.

yoga retreat


I highly highly recommend this beautiful yoga retreat. If you are interested, click here to learn more:


More information on the hotel: Stays at Gecko Hotel & Beach Club, Formentera start from €235 per room per night based on two sharing on a B&B basis. To; (+34) 971 328 024. Five-day yoga retreats with Jax Lysycia and Miles Mathewson start from €550 for a Non Residential place, €1666 for a Twin Share room and €2444 for a Solo Private room.


Lots of love,

Jess xx

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