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News Flash: You Don’t Need to Diet this January!

02 January 2020
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A Message from Jess:

Hi angel!

Happy New Year!

Maybe you had the best intentions at the start of 2019, but found it super hard to follow through on them?

This isn’t your fault. Diets are not designed to be sustainable. I’ve never met anyone who could stick to a diet for more than 3-6 months! 

When it comes to keeping resolutions, it is very important you don’t place pressure on yourself to do it all perfectly and follow the “perfect” diet – often this pressure backfires and we give up altogether. Think, balance, and being kind towards yourself. Just make the best choices available to you. Be proud of the small changes that you ARE making!

You do not need to diet to live the healthy life! You just need to create positive habits, rituals and routines –  and make a few small changes each week. This is the key to long-lasting, sustainable change that you can carry on throughout the year, and even beyond.

We need to embrace a kind and realistic mindset when it comes to setting New Years resolutions. Putting yourself on a crazy diet will only last short-term. There is a much simpler way to achieve your best health. We have to start to think of the healthy life as a long-term, forever situation. A lifestyle, not a diet!

Jess xx


You do not need to diet this January

I’m sure many of you have made resolutions this year to eat healthier, and a lot of you will assume that means dieting, restricting certain foods, cutting out the sweets. But I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to diet this January to stick to that resolution – or any time throughout the year, in fact! I’m here to help you live a balanced life. You can stick to your health resolution WITHOUT dieting!

Putting pressure on yourself to stick to a strict, “perfect” diet is not the way to do it – this pressure often backfires, and leads to giving up altogether, feeling like a failure. Instead, aim for balance, and think of health as a long-term journey! Make the best choices possible for YOU, and be proud of your successes!

Here’s how:

Stop weighing yourself.

The scales are a horrible way to measure your progress – they create a negative, toxic relationship with your body! Instead of thinking about how foods will affect the number on the scales, start thinking about what foods make you FEEL good! Without a number on the scales dictating your relationship with your body, you’ll be able to tune in and listen to what you need!

Baby steps!

Start small and make little changes to better your health! Think things like switching a chocolate mud cake for a healthier version, you don’t have to go without or make huge sacrifices! Just try adding one healthy act, even if that means adding a serving of greens to one of your meals, or meal prepping some healthy snacks. This is a realistic, sustainable approach to healthy eating, which won’t overwhelm you or encourage you to abandon all your efforts because you feel restricted!


While you don’t need to meal prep a week’s worth of meals, stock up on fruit, veg and lean protein, and have some healthy snacks ready to go for the week. This small effort will mean you’re much more likely to choose healthy alternatives if they’re right in front of you!

Be kind to yourself.

You cannot be perfect every day. If you slip up, that’s okay! Just move forward, using the next meal as a new opportunity to nourish your body with healthy, nutritious foods!

Appreciate your body for all it does every single day, and take time to celebrate your successes! Believe in yourself, and know that you are enough, and can achieve whatever you set your mind to!

Eat the JSHealth way.

The JSHealth philosophy advocates balance – enjoy all foods in moderation, including all the key food groups: carbs, fats, protein and fibre. Cook as much as you can – this ensures you know what is going into your food, and you can nourish your body with the foods and ingredients that make YOU feel good! The JSHealth App has more than 450 super simple, quick and delicious recipes to guide you!


The JSHealth philosophy is all about balance – don’t cut out all your favourite treats! This leads to bingeing, and feeling restricted! Instead, aim to make healthy choices the majority of the time, and allow yourself to indulge mindfully a couple of times per week! No need to cut all your fave foods out, that isn’t health! 

So don’t feel pressured to diet this January, to work off that Christmas weight! Make small changes to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, and be kind to yourself! Everything in moderation, I’m here to help you so join me and the rest of the JSHealth community in 2020 as we all find balance and happiness together 🙂

Want more support? The JSHealth App is the perfect guide for a healthy 2020! Find more than 450 nutritious recipes, 24/7 access to our nutritionists, movement videos, body love guides, meditations and more!

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