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How I Overcome Anxious Body Image Moments

27 November 2017
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Are you struggling with negative thoughts about your body right now?


You are not alone.

I thought I would share my JS Negative Body Image Protocol that helps me every time I’m having an anxious body image moment:

  1. Go into an immediate yoga forward fold in an anxious moment – it calms down your thoughts.
  2. You need to DO something, rather than be stuck in thoughts. Get up and go for a walk or go write in a journal or practice yoga – you need to get out of your head ASAP.
  3. Avoid looking at photos or being photographed.
  4. Don’t fight the thoughts. Be kind. Be aware of them. Acknowledge them. Accept that it’s normal to have some negative thoughts and do this with a sense of love and kindness.
  5. Write down 3 body parts you do like. It could be as simple being thankful for your eyes that help you to see.
  6. Put your phone far away right now – especially social media. If you can’t do this – immediately unfollow people you are comparing yourself to.
  7. Ask yourself who you are comparing your body to? And why? Is that comparison realistic or fair? Probably not. You are punishing yourself by comparing your body to a super model on Instagram. Please, leave that comparison behind.
  8. Know this: perfection does not exist. We have to stop striving for it. Start being grateful for what you do have. The relief and gratitude you feel with this creates so much health and healing within your mind and body.
  9. Right now, take a big deep breath in and say ‘I let go’ – feel the negative thought pass over you. And focus on those body parts you know you are so lucky to have.
  10. Go straight into nature – somehow it jolts you out of being too much in your head!


Let me know how you go.


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