Part Three: Making it a Meal

When you’re running low on time – whether it’s exams, study or just too many life commitments – it’s so easy to ditch your healthy eating habits in favour of quick and maybe not-so-nutritious meals. These tips and tricks are perfect for making a meal out of leftovers in 10 minutes or less. Affordable ingredients that are high in protein are key – keeping you satiated and focused, saving time for study! Enjoy xo


Part Three: Making it a Meal


Add an egg to it! 

Adding 1-2 eggs to some simple ingredients can transform an entire meal! Whether fried, scrambled or poached – eggs are a great source of protein, omega-3s and are great any time of day. Need some more inspo? Try my super-easy Broccoli Fried Rice;

Just add 2 heads broccoli and onion into a food processor, pulse until rice-like texture. In a heated fry pan – add onions, broccoli rice, olive oil, salt, pepper and chilli flakes into a pan. When the broccoli rice is almost cooked, add a few tablespoons of quality tomato sauce. Make a space in the centre and add in 2 eggs. Mix the eggs through the broccoli rice so they fry up nicely. Spoon into a bowl and enjoy!


Add a pre-cooked wholegrain!

Cook up a batch of whole-grains to add to salads/meals throughout the week. Some of my favourites are quinoa, brown rice and barley. To make life even easier, supermarkets sell already cooked whole-grains – ready to be heated and added to a meal – Go for brown rice or quinoa/rice blends if you can. Once you’ve got your grains, just add any leftover roast or stir fried veggies and a good-quality protein option = a complete macrobiotic meal!


Add a tin of…

Tinned tuna or salmon are great options to quickly bump up the protein content in your meals – try and find an organic or sustainably-sourced brand (Greenpeace have a helpful guide), drain and add to leftovers, salad greens, grains etc.! Tinned chickpeas, lentils and beans are also perfect and so affordable! Just drain, rinse and add!




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