Exciting News! Pay for The JSHealth Program Week By Week – just $18.63!

jshealth program

Due to the success and demand of the JSHealth Program, we want it make it accessible to everyone and anyone.

I understand that one big payment for a Program is a huge investment for many.

The JSHealth Program really hones in on repairing your relationship with food and your body. There is a big emphasis on emotional eating, body image, self love and disordered eating.

I know so many young girls and teenagers are struggling with these issues right now. I have been saying to the JSHealth Team lately that my dream and hope is for young students who are struggling with their body image and their relationship with food to also have the ability to afford the program, so I hope this gives you that opportunity.

I hope you get to experience the life-changing emotional and physical transformations this program has to offer.


Sending all my love,

Jess x


For $18.63 a week you can live your best life and finally find balance and peace with your body again.


Access the week by week payment here: https://theprogram.jessicasepel.com/



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