The Pressure Of Fitspo On Social Media Got To Me

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It’s so easy to succumb to the pressure of fitspo and #bodygoals on social media. The idea that you have to look a certain way in order to be ‘healthy.’ I get it. 

The pressure to be skinny got to me and caused me to have disordering eating patterns for most of my teenage life. 

I’m here to tell you – you’re too precious to let food or ridiculous body standards define you. Reaching a certain weight or fitting into a certain clothing size did not make me happier. 

Just focus on being the best version of yourself.  Repeat after me: “I am enough. My body is beautifully unique. I refuse to compare my beautiful body to someone else’s.”

It’s time to celebrate your unique body and be grateful for how hard it works to keep you healthy, well and happy.

We have to shift our mindsets, move away from this obsession with being skinny and focus on our health as a whole instead. This is incredibly important. I’ve truly never felt happier and healthier since this mindset change.

Jess xx

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