THE PROGRAM SPRING SALE – $50 OFF + my Clean Treats eBook!

This is your chance to feel your BEST for the holiday season just around the corner!


Due to the jaw-dropping transformations (and I mean it!) we’ve seen on the Program lately, I have been feeling this desire to give EVERYONE the chance to experience the life-changing results on this Program – to feel confident, healthy, energetic and light in your own body again.


I understand that this Program is a big investment. So I really hope this gives you the chance to finally take the leap to living your best and healthiest life – because you really do deserve it.


For the first time ever, we are offering $50 off the JSHealth Program (now $99) AND the Clean Treats eBook containing NEW and EXCLUSIVE JSHealth healthy and nutritious sweet treats + due to popular demand… the JSHEALTH CACAO POPS RECIPE – YAY! This is HUGE and for three days only! The Clean Treats eBook will be located, as a PDF, under the Resource PDFs and then under ‘General Resources’ within the Program!


This Program is the first Program to address the importance of having a healthy relationship with food and your body. It’s your chance to give up dieting, to let go of the guilt and anxiety around mealtimes and finally find a peaceful relationship with you and your body.


The Program also contains my signature cleanse in Week 6 which is amazing to try before the holiday season – to feel your best before Summer time AND an incredible meal plan containing recipes to help you experience glowing skin, more energy, a clear liver, improved gut health and finally… weight balance.


I never imagined people would experience these physical and emotional changes when I first started creating this Program. I really want everyone to use it as a health bible for life, as you get to keep the Program material and support forever.


I’m so excited to offer you this once-in-a-lifetime sale of the JSHealth Program and it starts NOW!


Use the code JS50 when signing up at


Why should you join me?

For only $1.76 a day, my 8-week Program will help you to:

  • Heal your relationship with food
  • Achieve hormonal balance
  • Cleanse your gut and liver
  • Teach you how to cook with ease
  • Reach your balanced weight


What will you receive?

  • How-to cooking videos and tips to tricks to teach you to cook intuitively
  • Expert emotional advice on emotional and disordered eating
  • 8 weekly lifestyle planners
  • 60+ resource PDFs, including shopping lists, food swaps & meal plans
  • 20+ videos from Jess supporting you through each week
  • Access to the online forum, connecting you with JSHealth
  • The JSHealth Clean Treats eBook with 4 exclusive recipes!


I can’t wait for you to experience the healthy life – with me! Click here to sign up today.


J xx

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