Real Talk: A Loving Note To Teenagers about Weight & Body Image

Teens, I was one of you once!

Your world is shifting, your body is changing, and you want to get back some control – so you start to restrict your eating. Trust me, I get it. But I ended up with serious health issues, and believe me when I say it wasn’t fun. Please learn from my experience.

I want you to know it’s normal to gain a little weight during your teenage years. This is because your hormones are adjusting to your new body. However, if you eat a wholesome, healthy diet, your ideal weight will follow. As will balance.

Empower yourself. Please don’t follow what your school friends are doing, because you are an entirely different person. You’re special, and your way of eating should reflect that.

Reject fad diets, and eat wholefoods instead.

I want you to focus on nutrients, not numbers.

I want you to forget about kilos and calories.

I want you to have a healthy relationship with food from the start. Because you’re worth it.



JS xo


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