Real Talk: The Healthy Life is Not the Perfect Life. Let Go of the Guilt.

11 September 2017
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Since the release of the JSHealth Program, I have connected to the amazing JSHealth community in the most phenomenal way, interacting with you on the online forum and getting a true sense of what women are going through.

The forum is the most nurturing, safe and supportive environment for all of us. I am so grateful for it.

It has also been a huge eye opener for me…

I can see the immense pressure women put themselves under to do it all perfectly. I so get you. I was like this for most of my life. When you buy a health program, healthy book or any plan, you may feel some pressure to follow the advice perfectly, which I understand.

But I am here to tell you. The healthy life does not mean the perfect life. Remember this always.

You do not need to eat perfectly, exercise perfectly, follow every health rule with perfection. This is NOT healthy. This creates stress for the mind and body. The body listens to what we do most of the time, not sometimes.

Forgive yourself. Your body will forgive you too.

As I’ve said before in my books, when you’re a perfectionist in terms of food, you won’t eat with balance.

For a healthy relationship with food, you have to give yourself a little freedom and leeway.
Some days, you’ll eat super cleanly and exercise, and on others, you’ll indulge a little and find you’re too lazy to exercise.

This is why I encourage balance with food. It’s why I ask you to indulge occasionally. Perfect eating is not the goal; it doesn’t exist. Flexible eating is the aim. That’s why the 80/20 approach is so important.
You have to tune into your body and listen to what it needs.

A night out with your girlfriends and a few glasses of vino is good for the soul – so why kick yourself the next morning?

A sleep in and day on the couch could be just what your body needs to restore – so why beat yourself up about it?

If you feel you’ve overindulged, just think, “Tomorrow is a new day, and I will make the choice to eat lighter and cleaner. It’s all going to be okay.” Trade in the guilty thought for a positive action. For example: “Today, I didn’t feel great after eating so much bread. Tomorrow, I’ll eat less.”

And remember, be kind to your body – it is there for you no matter what.

Love x

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